freaky science

Lab Grown Vaginas

Scientists have successfully grown a vagina in a lab and implanted it into a teenager, it was revealed yesterday. The girl was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, a rare genetic…

reverse arrow trick

Amazing Arrow Trick

Sometimes something simple can make us gasp at how freaky and amazing the world around us is. Like this simple experiment with arrows and a glass of water. It looks…

bizarre nature

Shrek orchid

This freaky orchid looks like the cartoon character Shrek. It is a bee orchid called Ophrys Apifera and can be found in certain parts of Europe. Its bizarre look is…

three walnuts

Man with 3 Testicles

A man on Reddit has revealed he has three testicles. The 18 year old Canadian posted a spectacular photo of his bizarre anatomy on the site and not surprisingly he…

bizarre photo

Man with only half a head

Watch this bizarre video footage of a man who was left with only half a head after crashing his car. Carlos ‘Halfy’ Rodriguez from Miami, Florida lost almost half  his brain…

freaky news

Freaky Twins

Meet Lucy and Anna DeCinque, two of the freakiest identical sisters we have stabled across. From Perth, Australia these two women have spent over $200,000 on plastic surgery, hair and…


Shark Boat

Check out these amazing speed boats designed to look like sharks and killer whales. These custom built boats are the bizarre creations of Rob Innes and Dan Piazza. Known as Seabreachers…

bizarre trees

Rude Trees

The Freaky love these x-rated trees.   Photo credit: IFuckingLoveScience

freaky video

Human Heart Beating

This amazing video is of a human heart beating. this portable perfusion and monitoring system is made by TransMedics® and is designed to keeps a donor heart beating while a…

freaky video

Snake Eats a Pitbull

Freaky video of the week: An Anaconda snake is caught and cut open to reveal a pit bull dog inside.