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The biggest pimple in the world? (sick video!!!!)

Man with a very large spot on his back has it squeezed by a woman. What emerges is puss resembling a small brain or alien! Sick!!!!


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2 Responses “The biggest pimple in the world? (sick video!!!!)”

  1. Faery

    @Bhagada ghavita, clusters of small lesions can sometimes signal a bad staph infection called MRSA (methicillin=resistant staphylococcus aureus). It’s extremely contaigious and can at times be sytemic. Many people who have one lesion will end up with many more, sometimes on different parts of their bodies.

    Having said that, I truly hope the lady in the video washed her hands thoroughly afterwards.

  2. Bhagada ghavita

    If you look you can see that he has what looks like a field of lumps on his left shoulder blade I bet they are more abscesses or whatever. Also at the end of the video on his lower back there is a large strange lump if these are pimples cysts or abscesses I want to know what causes this to happen to someone?!!!??!

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