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Toilet Roll Sculptures

These amazing sculptures are made from discarded toilet rolls. Created by French sculpture Junior Ritz Jacque  they show that you can be creative anywhere – even when sitting on the loo.

coffee art

John Lennon appears in a Latte

Dead pop stars Michael Jackson and John Lennon have risen from their graves to appear in coffee cups.   They are the work of very skilled coffee barista and are…

tiger dog

Extreme Dog Grooming

Meet the dogs that have been transformed into wild animals as part of a craze known as “creative grooming.” This bizarre trend started with professional groomer Jerry Schinberg of Des…

weird art photo

Man stuck under a building

The Freaky loves this bizarre photo of a man stuck under a building. But don’t worry the man’s not hurt its just a weird piece of street art. Created by…

salad star wars

Vegetable Star Wars

These Star Wars replicas are sculpted from vegetables – everything from carrots to sweet potato. The Vegetable Star Wars treats have been created by Japanese sushi chef Okitsugu Kado for…

pizza portrait

Simon Cowell’s Pizza Face

Simon Cowell has a face made from sliced garlic and his hair is made of black olives, according to an artist who has made a pizza portrait of him. The…

body modification

The Bizarre Bagel Heads

Body modification just gets more and more bizarre. Now people in Japan are injecting saline into their foreheads to make them look like bagels! A bagel head artist injects the…


Body Art with a Difference

These are great black and white landscapes. But look again because on closer inspection all is not what it seems. The backdrops are nude bodies, the figures are small-scale models….

Andrew Lancaster's Taxidermy Creations, New Zealand - Aug 2011

Freaky Taxidermy

What do you get if you cross a baby’s head, a possum and a bird? You get these very weird creations. Andrew Lancaster is a taxidermist in New Zealand who…


The Real Life Invisible Man

Chinese artist Liu Bolin manages to camouflage himself in any surroundings, no matter how difficult they might be.   Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a…