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Bizarre Art

dail disney movie

Dali Disney Movie

Did you know that the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and Walt Disney made a film together? The 6 minute film titled Destino (spanish for destiny) was started in 1945 but abandoned soon after and was not completed until 2003, when Disney’s nephew unearthed the oven in the disney vaults. Destino is a love story about

dollar bill art lincoln

Dollar Bill Art

Mark Wagner cuts up dollar bills and turns them into amazing pieces of art. Portraits were among the first images Wagner made from dollar bills. “Taking an object of public value and turning into an image of personal value seemed like a pretty OK thing to do.” he says. But then Wagner moved on to

strange weird art

Crayon Art

Christian Faur creates incredible art with crayons. But he doesn’t use them to draw, he does something much cleverer with them.     American artist Christian Faur, who hails from Ohio, uses thousands of coloured crayons to create his masterpieces that resemble pixellated pictures. On his website Christian explains the motivation behind his freaky art.

coffin strange

Crazy Coffins

Death doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In Ghana they like their coffins bright and colourful and in the shapes of everyday objects like coca cola bottles and shoes. In Ghana people believe that life doesn’t end with death – it continues in another form in another world. Each hand made coffin represents

space selfie

World’s best selfie

Is this the world’s best selfie? It was taken 50 years ago this year and was taken by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. It is the world’s first ever space selfie. The selfie was taken by Buzz, while on the Gemini 12 mission in 1966. Buzz, later went on to be part of the Apollo 11 mission

salad star wars

Vegetable Star Wars

These Star Wars replicas are sculpted from vegetables – everything from carrots to sweet potato. The Vegetable Star Wars treats have been created by Japanese sushi chef Okitsugu Kado for diners at his sushi restaurant. Kado spends more than ten hours carving the vegetables before painstakingly piecing them together with bamboo sticks. June 2013

weird art

Trapped Lightning

Lightning is one of Earth’s most magical and powerful natural phenomenons. But is it possible to capture it? Well apparently the answer is yes, and all you need is some perspex and a hammer and nail……and a machine that generates 3 million volts.     This art of frozen lightning permanently captured in an acrylic

freaky weird video

Office Worker Freak Out

Have you ever wanted to freak out at work? Have you ever felt like this man? This is one of the freakiest WTF videos we have ever seen. This clip is taken from the feature film Samsara directed by Ron Fricke – a kind of visual poem of our planet.

strange weird gems

Car Paint Gems

These beautiful stones might look like rare gems made by the Earth over millennia – but they are not a geological phenomenon – they are made from old car paint.     Dubbed Fordite, after the car manufacturer Henry Ford, these stones are remnants of Detroit’s golden age as the car capital of the world.

weird art hat

Food Hats

The Freaky loves these crocheted food-themed hats by Melbourne textile artist Phil Ferguson aka Chili Philly.   Phil says he started crocheting these hilarious food hats as a way of making new friends when he moved to Melbourne and found himself alone in the new city. Now he’s making new friends all over the world.

weird cat mask

Human Cat Mask

Fancy a huge realistic cat mask?  These pictures aren’t photo shopped –  Japanese students really have made a over-sized cat head to be worn by humans.   The woollen cat mask was made by Housetu Sato and his students at the Japan School of Wool Art and is currently on display at the the Tokyo

plastic jesus

Cocaine Oscar Statue

A life size replica of the Oscar trophy sniffing cocaine has appeared on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles. The hard partying statuette is the work of local urban street artist Plastic Jesus. It has been placed next to where the Academy Awards will be held on Sunday. The art piece is a commentary on Hollywood culture,

GIF art

Space GIF-iti

A street artist has created an incredible GIF that can be seen from space.   UK graffiti artist INSA specializes in creating epic GIF’s by combining graffiti and GIF’s in a process he likes to call “GIF-iti”. But he’s now taken his stunning art to a whole new level with the use of a satellite

weird art

Boob Bounce House

Ever dreamed of bouncing in a castle made of breasts? Well now you can thanks to a new freaky art installation at New York’s Museum of Sex. The Boob Bounce house is just one part of an art installation “Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground,” by London design duo Bompass & Parr .  Th

bizarre freaky art

Trash Art

Spanish artist Francisco de Pajaro makes art from trash. The street artist roams the streets at night looking for discarded rubbish to transform into amazing bizarre art creations by adding arms heads legs and feet to cardboard boxes and bins. Barcelona born Francisco says of his art: “My intention is to seek the smile on

bizarre art freaky art

Toilet Roll Sculptures

These amazing sculptures are made from discarded toilet rolls. Created by French sculpture Junior Ritz Jacque  they show that you can be creative anywhere – even when sitting on the loo.

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