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salad star wars

Vegetable Star Wars

These Star Wars replicas are sculpted from vegetables – everything from carrots to sweet potato. The Vegetable Star Wars treats have been created by Japanese sushi chef Okitsugu Kado for…

pizza portrait

Simon Cowell’s Pizza Face

Simon Cowell has a face made from sliced garlic and his hair is made of black olives, according to an artist who has made a pizza portrait of him. The…

sperm cuisine

Cooking With Cum

If you are bored of cooking with the same ingredients why not branch out and start cooking with sperm?!  Spermatozic cuisine anyone? For sale on Amazon is a book that…

worlds largest parnsip

Man grows world’s largest parsnip

A British man has grown the world’s longest parsnip measuring an incredible 18.5ft – or 5.607 metres, 36 times the length of a normal parsnip. Amateur gardener Peter Glazebrook’s unveiled…

chicken wing

Man eats 337 chicken wings in 30 minutes

A Japanese man has managed to eat an amazing 337 chicken wings  in just 30 minutes. Competitive-eating champ Takeru Kobayashi conquered Philadelphia’s annual gustatory gorge-fest in front of a crowd of…