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headstand nail chinese man

Man balances on a nail

  Incredibly this Chinese man can balance his whole body on a nail. 47-year-old stuntman Li Xin has been practising the stunt for more than 20 years. He can hold the…

bizarre - thanksgiving-costume -turkey-tori-spelling

Bizarre Thanksgiving Turkey Costume

Baby girl dressed as a cooked turkey! For Thanksgiving American actress and reality Tv star Tori Spelling dressed up her six-week-old daughter Hattie in her own personal turkey outfit surrounded…

anorexic mother and daughter

The anorexic mother who weighs less than her 7 year old daughter

At first glance they might be  sisters, but look again at this  startling picture. They are, in fact, a 26-year-old mother and her daughter. After suffering from anorexia for half her…

squirrel plays pool
squirrel plays piano

Hungarian Fire Tornado

This amazing photos of a fire tornado was taken during a huge fire at a plastic processing plant in Kistarcsa, a suburb  Budapest, Hungary, this week. Around 70 firefighters were…

argentine blue bill

What lies beneath

This is the Argentinian Blue-bill duck, a cute but unremarkable looking duck but below the water it holds an incredible secret – it has a massive penis! The duck has…

Giant baby

As the picture clearly shows, Antonio Vasconcelos – he’s the one at the back – is no ordinary new-born baby. Dubbed “Super Tonio”, he startled staff at the Jesus Kumate…