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  Two randy pandas have set a new record for the length of time they made love.   Pandas are not known for the longevity in the sack – the average time of panda sex […]

Sex Ted

A woman who had a graphic encounter with her teddy bear has used the experience to make a specialized teddy bear sex toy.   “Teddy Love” is a teddy bear for adults that has a […]

Australian prisoners are performing DIY improvements on their penises using razors, buttons, toothpaste caps and sellotape according to a scientific study.   This weird practice was discovered by researchers from the University of New South […]

VR Porn

We love this video of people freaking out as they watch Virtual Reality Porn. The men and women in this video are watching XXX-rated scenes on one of the new Occulus Rift headsets and the […]

They might look like antique egg whisks but these kitchen implements are in fact vibrators -designed to enhance female pleasure. It was the Victorians who invented the modern vibrator. Doctors in the late 19th century […]

A serial cucumber masturbator has finally been caught and sentenced in Canada. Fredrick Tennyson Davis, 49, has a bizarre sexual fetish – he likes to masturbate in public while holding a cucumber. For months Davis […]

Scientists have recorded the first case of a man being sexually turned on by farts.  The man who has been given the pseudonym Brad says his fetish started when a girl he fancied farted in front […]

Sally isn’t like other women. She doesn’t have a vagina. She was born with one but she has since had it removed.   Sally suffers from a digestive disorder known as Crohn’s disease. It can affect […]

If you are bored of cooking with the same ingredients why not branch out and start cooking with sperm?!  Spermatozic cuisine anyone? For sale on Amazon is a book that explores the culinary value of […]

A BRITISH man with a fetish for cow manure has been jailed for two-years jail after he was caught sexually pleasuring himself while covered in dung on a farm in southwestern England. David Truscott, 41, […]

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