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Bizarre Thanksgiving Turkey Costume

Baby girl dressed as a cooked turkey!

For Thanksgiving American actress and reality Tv star Tori Spelling dressed up her six-week-old daughter Hattie in her own personal turkey outfit surrounded by faux vegetables.

Under the caption ‘Roast Turkey Costume,’ the star blogged about how to create a similar outfit for your baby.
‘Ok, this one isn’t edible, but if you have a baby at home, here’s a fun Thanksgiving craft project you can make for what will be very memorable holiday photos,’ she writes.

However, perhaps in a nod to future embarrassment for her daughter, the former Beverly Hills 90210 star also wrote a ‘disclaimer’ underneath the post.
‘Sorry to future 18 year-old Hattie. It was too cute an idea to pass up. If it’s any solace, you wore turkey well!’

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