Gary Lenius from Arizona, USA accidentally killed himself when he confused choloroquine phosphate, which he used to clean his fish tank, for the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. Lenius and his wife Wanda, both in the 60s, mixed a teaspoon of it with soda and drank it. He was dead within hours.

Gary Lenius and wife Wanda.

Lenius and his wife Wanda were watching President Trump’s daily Covid briefings when Trump mentioned that the malaria drug could potentially cure the Covid virus. 

Lenius’s wife Wanda said: “We were afraid we were getting sick. We were getting really worried. We saw his [Trump’s] press conference. It was on a lot, actually. Trump kept saying it was pretty much a cure…..I was in the pantry and I saw it [fish tank cleaner] sitting on the back shelf and I said ‘hey isn’t that stuff they were talking about on tv’.”

Sadly, in less than half an hour after drinking their dangerous cocktail , the couple became very sick. 

Wanda vomited and her husband struggled to breathe. 

The called emergency services but husband Gary died shortly arriving at the hospital. 

Since Trump’s claims, medical studies have shown that the malaria drug hydroxychloroquineis also dangerous to consume and should not be tried at home.

So please DO NOT consume fish cleaner, malaria drugs or bleach. 

Source: Daily Mirror

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