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S&M Cats

Dressing up Sphynx cats in latex S&M clothes and giving them tattoos is the latest fad of pet owners. Most of these featured Sphynx cat photos involve fake tattoos, the…

backwards knees

The man with backwards knees

A Moscow man visits a hospital to correct his bizarre backwards knees.

penis museum bizarre photo

Animal Penis Museum

Sigurdur Hjartarson is founder and owner of the Icelandic Phallological Museum, which offers visitors from around the world a close-up look at the long and the short of the male…


Woman stuck on toilet for two years

A woman in western Kansas sat on her boyfriend’s toilet for two years, according to US police. Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple said a man called his office last month…


Man with cow manure fetish jailed

A BRITISH man with a fetish for cow manure has been jailed for two-years jail after he was caught sexually pleasuring himself while covered in dung on a farm in…

mutant- tortoise-two-heads

Two-headed tortoise born in Slovakia

This amazing two-headed African Spurred Tortoise is just seven weeks old. Born in Slovakia its heads have been named Madga (left head) and Lenka. The duo also have five legs…

argentine blue bill

What lies beneath

This is the Argentinian Blue-bill duck, a cute but unremarkable looking duck but below the water it holds an incredible secret – it has a massive penis! The duck has…


Cat Stuck in Window

Passersby in Romania this week caught a tail-end view of a cat that got stuck in a window. A man walking by eventually climbed up and saved the cat.

Small Penis leads to Assault

Police in Florida say 44-year-old Rolando Negrin assaulted a co-worker after enduring a year of insults aimed at the size of his manhood. Negrin is a security screener at the…