human nails hair

The woman who grows fingernails instead of hair

Meet the woman who grows nails instead of hair. Shanyna Isom, 28, from Memphis USA,  has a bizarre disease that causes her to grow human nails out of her hair…

bizarre medical hairy eyeball

Man grows hairs in eye

An Iranian man has been diagnosed with an extremely rare and strange medical condition that meant he had hair growing in his eyes. The 19 year old had a cyst…

freaky justin jedlica

Real-life Ken Doll

Justin Jedlica has spent over $100,000 to transform himself into a real life Ken doll. 32 year old Justin has had almost 90 cosmetic surgery procedures, including five rhinoplasties,and augmentations…

weird art photo

Man stuck under a building

The Freaky loves this bizarre photo of a man stuck under a building. But don’t worry the man’s not hurt its just a weird piece of street art. Created by…

bizarre building

‘Fryscraper’ melts cars

A bizarre skyscraper in London has turned into a dangerous “fryscaper” after it started melting cars. This week it was reported that a new building in the City of London…

freaky news fish

Testicle Eating Fish Warning

Skinny dipping men in Sweden have been told to keep their swimwear on to stop their testicles being eaten by an invasive ball-eating fish. The warning was issued after a…

bizarre video

Amazing Pole Dance

Pole dancing like you have never seen before!   It’s called Mallakhamb and its a traditional Indian gymnastic sport that puts strippers to shame.

weird goat

Seven Legged Goat

This goat with seven legs was born in China in 2010. The owner of the goat, Mrs Song, from Jiaoliuhe township, Taonan, Jilin Province in China said it was a traumatic birth….

bizarre death

Man dies in pie eating contest

In strange ways to die news, an Australian man died this week during a pie eating contest in Queensland. Bruce Holland, 64, collapsed and died moments after exclaiming  “Jeez, this…

bizarre corpse

181 year old corpse attends board meeting

A dead man attended a board meeting this week much to the delight of office workers. The dead man was  philosopher Jeremy Bentham  who died 181 years ago. Bentham was the…