freaky news fish

Testicle Eating Fish Warning

Skinny dipping men in Sweden have been told to keep their swimwear on to stop their testicles being eaten by an invasive ball-eating fish. The warning was issued after a…

bizarre video

Amazing Pole Dance

Pole dancing like you have never seen before!   It’s called Mallakhamb and its a traditional Indian gymnastic sport that puts strippers to shame.

weird goat

Seven Legged Goat

This goat with seven legs was born in China in 2010. The owner of the goat, Mrs Song, from Jiaoliuhe township, Taonan, Jilin Province in China said it was a traumatic birth….

bizarre death

Man dies in pie eating contest

In strange ways to die news, an Australian man died this week during a pie eating contest in Queensland. Bruce Holland, 64, collapsed and died moments after exclaiming  “Jeez, this…

bizarre corpse

181 year old corpse attends board meeting

A dead man attended a board meeting this week much to the delight of office workers. The dead man was  philosopher Jeremy Bentham  who died 181 years ago. Bentham was the…

worlds ugliest fish

World’s Ugliest Fish?

This is the Blobfish, surely the world’s ugliest looking fish. It lives deep down in the oceanic waters off Australia and spends its days floating around waiting for food to…

freaky wedding dress

Genetically Modified Fashion

This glow-in-the-dark wedding dress is made from fluorescent silk, made by genetically modified silkworms. Scientists inserted glow in the dark proteins, from jellyfish and corals, into the silkworm’s genome. Japanese…

bizarre china fashion

Hairy Leg Anti-Pervert Tights

Chinese women have found a bizarre way to prevent unwanted male attention – they wear hairy leg tights! According to ChinaSMACK these full-leg-of-hair tights are perfect for young women going out….


Pelican eats live Pigeon

Photographer Paul Mansfield, 44, captured this remarkable scene of a pelican eating a small bird while on a day trip to London with his family. The pigeon had been pecking…

weird twin in stomach

Classic Weird: The man who had his twin in his stomach

Sanju Bhagat had felt self-conscious his whole life about his big belly. His stomach was often so swollen, he looked nine months pregnant and could barely breathe. But one night in…