The Freaky

This is one of the freakiest science experiments ever. Watch as powdered Mercury(II) thiocyanate is set on fire and turns into a bizarre alien snake like substance.   This bizarre chemical reaction, also known as “Pharaoh Snakes” […]

We all know about the craze for fashion cats and dressed up dogs, but have you ever seen tortoise fashion? Slightly mad Canadian pet-lover Katie Bradley, 36, has knitted these woollen cosies for her fashion […]

The living owner of the world’s biggest human penis is American Jonah Falcon. Falcon’s 13-5 inch member has been measured for a TV special, making him one of the few men who can back up […]

There are an estimated 2000 active volcanic craters across the world. At first glance this 230 foot hole in Derwez, Turkmenistan looks like one.  But this is not molten lava this is burning gas. In […]

When Einstein the goldfish contracted a bladder disease which caused it to swim upside down its owner came up with a novel solution – he built it a life jacket.Einstein’s owner Leighton Naylor a 32 […]

A huge wasps nest measuring 22 feet long (7 meters) has been discovered in an abandoned house on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Police were called to the house in San Sebastián de la Gomera, […]

A two headed pig was born in China this week, according to news reports. The deformed pig born in China’s Jiangxi Province and has two snouts two ears and a shared eye. A local vet […]

A Chinese man has had a live 20 inch long eel removed from his bottom after a bizarre sex game, according to news reports. The unnamed man Southeastern Gunagdong in China went to his local […]

The Freaky loves these freaky spiders. Called Peacock Spiders (grown up, scientific name is Maratus Volans) they are very very small. The adults are only 5mm, meaning you could fit ten on a fingernail. But […]

A vain man sucked in his belly on a plane to impress a woman and almost died. The unnamed middle-aged Chinese businessman, lets call him Mr BIgBelly, was sitting in the window seat on a […]

This man, who was born without a penis, is about to have one made for him out of skin and fat from his arms. British man Andrew Wardle suffers from a condition known as an […]

When a cat came face to face with a crocodile you’d think there would only be one winner but this cat is no ordinary cat. The peeping tomcat wandered into the crocodile enclosure in a […]

A 27 year old male died after shooting at a cactus. “Cactus plugging” – the art of  shooting a cactus with a shotgun is a popular pastime in the American desert states. In 1982, David […]

A Polish man discovered that he had a screwdriver impaled in his head only when he looked in the mirror.   The unnamed 25 year old man, from Bialystok in Poland, was working in his […]

A piglet in New Zealand is learning to surf. Zorro the pig joins his owner surfer Matthew Bell every morning for a board lesson. ‘He’s up at six in the morning and runs down to […]

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