bizarre strange jellyfish

The jellyfish that can live forever

Would you like to live forever? Well if you are a special type of jellyfish you could. Turritopsis nutricula, is the only animal known to be potentially immortal. Turritopsis is…

hagfish slime

Hagfish Slime – World’s Weirdest Fish?

The Atlantic hagfish is quite possibly the world’s weirdest and most disgusting fish because of the huge amounts of mucus it produces.  Watch this video to see what we mean….

human heart

Can you transplant a soul?

Can elements of a person’s character – or even their soul – be transplanted along with a heart?  The Freaky investigates the bizarre cases of people having heart transplants and…


Hero Dog Rescues Injured Dog on Highway

A dog became a hero in Chile when he was caught on surveillance camera dragging another dog to safety across a busy highway. The apparently homeless dog pulled the body…

dildo armed seige

Man’s sex toy sparks armed siege

A British man sparked a major police incident when locals mistook his sex toy for a gun. A fifteen man team of armed police officers swooped on Telford  England  in…

hairball huge

Huge hairball removed from girls stomach

  This gross hairball weighing almost four pounds was removed from a 19 year old student’s stomach in India. The teenager, from Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh, went to see her doctor…

sperm cuisine

Cooking With Cum

If you are bored of cooking with the same ingredients why not branch out and start cooking with sperm?!  Spermatozic cuisine anyone? For sale on Amazon is a book that…

boy suckles from cow

Boy suckles from cow

A Cambodian boy has worked out the quickest way to get fresh milk is to suck it straight from a cow’s teats. 20-month-old Tha Sophat started suckling the cow in…

lizard with two heads

The vegetarian and meat eating two headed lizard

This bizarre bearded dragon lizard called Pancho and Lefty not only has two heads but it also has a split personality as one head is vegetarian and the other is…

worlds largest parnsip

Man grows world’s largest parsnip

A British man has grown the world’s longest parsnip measuring an incredible 18.5ft – or 5.607 metres, 36 times the length of a normal parsnip. Amateur gardener Peter Glazebrook’s unveiled…