The Freaky

A two headed pig was born in China this week, according to news reports. The deformed pig born in China’s Jiangxi Province and has two snouts two ears and a shared eye. A local vet […]

A Chinese man has had a live 20 inch long eel removed from his bottom after a bizarre sex game, according to news reports. The unnamed man Southeastern Gunagdong in China went to his local […]

The Freaky loves these freaky spiders. Called Peacock Spiders (grown up, scientific name is Maratus Volans) they are very very small. The adults are only 5mm, meaning you could fit ten on a fingernail. But […]

A vain man sucked in his belly on a plane to impress a woman and almost died. The unnamed middle-aged Chinese businessman, lets call him Mr BIgBelly, was sitting in the window seat on a […]

This man, who was born without a penis, is about to have one made for him out of skin and fat from his arms. British man Andrew Wardle suffers from a condition known as an […]

When a cat came face to face with a crocodile you’d think there would only be one winner but this cat is no ordinary cat. The peeping tomcat wandered into the crocodile enclosure in a […]

A 27 year old male died after shooting at a cactus. “Cactus plugging” – the art of  shooting a cactus with a shotgun is a popular pastime in the American desert states. In 1982, David […]

A Polish man discovered that he had a screwdriver impaled in his head only when he looked in the mirror.   The unnamed 25 year old man, from Bialystok in Poland, was working in his […]

A piglet in New Zealand is learning to surf. Zorro the pig joins his owner surfer Matthew Bell every morning for a board lesson. ‘He’s up at six in the morning and runs down to […]

A drunk woman suffered a bizarre accident when she fell off a hotel bed and impaled herself on an umbrella. Jessica Yates from Solihull, England was in a hotel room in Watford after a boozy […]

Simon Cowell has a face made from sliced garlic and his hair is made of black olives, according to an artist who has made a pizza portrait of him. The Freaky loves these pizza portraits […]

The bizarre night in Beebe Arkansas when thousands of birds fell from the sky. Beebe, Arkansas: Human Population: 7,400  Black Bird population: 1,000,000 For as long as anyone can remember, there’s been nothing strange about […]

A video of a decapitated chicken dancing and flapping its wings round the farmyard while children laugh and giggle is causing quite a  stir on You Tube. People watching the video fall into two opposing […]

Deep below New York’s Grand Central Terminal, is something so important that at one time it was guarded 24 hours a day in case of attack by Nazi agents. Even today its location is Top […]

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