frog-levitating-in magnet-weird-photo

Levitating Frog

A frog levitating thanks to the power of molecular magnetism. This frog is hovering inside a magnet (not on board a spacecraft). This is the first observation of magnetic levitation…

exploding whale freaky video

Exploding Whale

Watch this freaky video of a dead sperm whale exploding when a biologist cuts open its carcass. The 45ft sperm whale had washed up dead on a beach in the…

weird medical

Paralysed man has thumb orgasms

A paralysed man says he has learnt to orgasm when a woman massages his thumb. A discovery that will give hope to millions of disabled people.   43 year old…

coffee art

John Lennon appears in a Latte

Dead pop stars Michael Jackson and John Lennon have risen from their graves to appear in coffee cups.   They are the work of very skilled coffee barista and are…

flannel moth caterpillar

Donald Trump Caterpillar

  Biologists have found Donald Trump’s spectacular hairpiece living in the Amazon jungle. This amazing creature is a flannel moth caterpillar and its resemblance to the property mogul Trump’s toupee…

freaky fart fetish

Man turned on by farts

Scientists have recorded the first case of a man being sexually turned on by farts.  The man who has been given the pseudonym Brad says his fetish started when a girl…


One legged salsa dancer

The amazing one legged dancing man.  

freaky nature

Fly with tattoo wings

This amazing fruit fly has evolved so that it has what looks like images of ants tattooed on its wings. Recently spotted by the New York Times, the the fruit fly G…

backwards knees

The man with backwards knees

A Moscow man visits a hospital to correct his bizarre backwards knees.

bizarre video

Breastfeeding an 8 Yr Old

The English mother who breastfeeds her 8 year old daughter.