amazing science experiments

Awesome Chemical Reactions

The Freaky loves chemistry! Watch this video that compiles some of the world’s freakiest chemical reactions to see why.  


Top 5 Animal Photobombs

Here are 5 of the greatest animal photobombs of all time. 1. Dog Photobomb   2. Flying Cat Photobomb   3. Giraffe Photobomb   4. Seal Photobomb 5. Sting Ray…


Frozen divorce

A Japanese woman has let her husband go and is seeking a divorce after he said he didn’t like the movie Frozen. The unnamed 29 year old woman took her…

three walnuts

Man with 3 Testicles

A man on Reddit has revealed he has three testicles. The 18 year old Canadian posted a spectacular photo of his bizarre anatomy on the site and not surprisingly he…

weird art

Boob Bounce House

Ever dreamed of bouncing castle made of breasts? Well now you can thanks to a new freaky art installation at New York’s Museum of Sex. The Boob Bounce house is…

weird strange video

Dancing Frogs Legs

Watch this weird video of detached frogs legs dancing. It’s not a camera trick its a quirk of nature – even when a frog’s legs have been dismembered they will…

odd strange news

Boy gets stuck in vagina statue

A boy had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a vagina shaped sculpture in Germany. The unnamed American exchange student got trapped inside the sculpture by Peruvian…

victorian vibrator

Victorian Vibrators

They might look like antique egg whisks but these kitchen implements are in fact vibrators -designed to enhance female pleasure. It was the Victorians who invented the modern vibrator. Doctors…

weird strange bizarre addiction

Vapor Rub Addicts

33 year old Danielle, from San Antonio Texas has a weird addiction – she is hooked on vapor rub. Vapor rub is designed to unblock sinuses but to Danielle and…

freaky sex

Cannabis Lube

The latest freaky sex aid is Foria, a cannabis oil infused lube.¬† Foria, according to their website, is a mixture of coconut oi and purified medical-grade cannabis oil ¬†designed for…