weird news

Cannibal Restaurant Raided

A cannibal restaurant that had roasted human heads on the menu has been shutdown by police in Nigeria.   According to reports, the hotel restaurant in Onitsha, Nigeria was raided…

weird science experiment

Strange Alien Tendrils

Check out this weird video of a strange dancing alien-like substance..   This is corn starch placed on a speaker cone. It moves in this weird way due to a…

strange way to die

Sex Toy Kills Man

A man has died after getting a sex toy stuck in his bottom.   50 year old Brit, Nigel Willis was too embarrassed to seek medical attention after a vibrator…

teddy bear sex

Sex Ted

A woman who had a graphic encounter with her teddy bear has used the experience to make a specialized teddy bear sex toy.   “Teddy Love” is a teddy bear…

WTF video

Alien worm in dead spider (WTF video)

Watch this amazing freaky video of a huge alien worm emerging from a dead spider.     If ever a video deserves the title WTF its this. This freaky animal…

strange prisoner

DIY Penile Implants

Australian prisoners are performing DIY improvements on their penises using razors, buttons, toothpaste caps and sellotape according to a scientific study.   This weird practice was discovered by researchers from…

strange science

Strange Science

This is one of the freakiest and most beautiful reactions in chemistry. It’s known as the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction. And it shows chemicals left in a petri dish forming beautiful and…

freakibg out at virtual reality porn

VR Porn

We love this video of people freaking out as they watch Virtual Reality Porn. The men and women in this video are watching XXX-rated scenes on one of the new…

bizare basket building

The Basket Buildings of Ohio

It’s not often you get to work in a giant basket. But this is one of the world’s strangest buildings. No town likes a basket quite like Dresden in Ohio….

Dancing Shoulders - Cärolein

Dancing Shoulders

We love this cheesy music video that celebrates the subtle art of wiggling your boobs and ass!     “Dancing Shoulders” by Carolein features such lyrical gems as “I shake…