freaky people

Sikh Beard Girl

Here at The Freaky we love to celebrate the diversity of human beings so we applaud this inspiring message from a bearded Sikh girl to mocking online comments. When this…


Star Jelly Mystery

There’s usually a rational explanation for even the strangest things that fall from the sky – but when a strange jelly like substance began raining on one small Washington town…

weird teeth news

232 Teeth Removed From Boy

A boy has a had an incredible 232 teeth removed from his mouth by doctors.   17 year old Indian Ashik Gavai first noticed a growth in his mouth 18…

weird beach creature

Beach Beasts

Theo Jansen’s remarkable Strand Beasts are part vehicle part artificial life. For the last 20 years maverick Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been building these strange and wonderful creatures – or…

amazing science experiments

Awesome Chemical Reactions

The Freaky loves chemistry! Watch this video that compiles some of the world’s freakiest chemical reactions to see why.  


Top 5 Animal Photobombs

Here are 5 of the greatest animal photobombs of all time. 1. Dog Photobomb   2. Flying Cat Photobomb   3. Giraffe Photobomb   4. Seal Photobomb 5. Sting Ray…


Frozen divorce

A Japanese woman has let her husband go and is seeking a divorce after he said he didn’t like the movie Frozen. The unnamed 29 year old woman took her…

three walnuts

Man with 3 Testicles

A man on Reddit has revealed he has three testicles. The 18 year old Canadian posted a spectacular photo of his bizarre anatomy on the site and not surprisingly he…

weird art

Boob Bounce House

Ever dreamed of bouncing castle made of breasts? Well now you can thanks to a new freaky art installation at New York’s Museum of Sex. The Boob Bounce house is…

weird strange video

Dancing Frogs Legs

Watch this weird video of detached frogs legs dancing. It’s not a camera trick its a quirk of nature – even when a frog’s legs have been dismembered they will…