strange marsupial

Suicide Sex Mouse

Annual suicidal sex frenzy of Australian marsupial could lead to their extinction. In remote Tasmania, scientists have recently discovered 2 new species of marsupial antechinus which might not be around…

strange town

Ghost City

Kangbashi in northern China is a ghost city. Towering apartment blocks are almost completely empty. Streets are deserted.Built in 2010 as a modern metropolis to house a million people it…

odd animal news

Virgin Birth Sawfish

Sawfish are using virgin births as a survival strategy to try and prevent extinction, scientists have discovered.   Sawfish off the coast of Florida have been found to be giving…

strange medical story

Seasick for 3 Years

Anyone who has ever taken a boat trip on rocky oceans will know how really terrible sea sickness can be. Now imagine having that feeling of nausea every single day. That’s what one  grandmother with a strange syndrome has to…

water jet pack

Water Jetpack

We’d all love to fly like a bird. In Florida there’s machine that will let you. This is the JetLev a crazy water powered jet pack.     Most small…

strange medical condition

Brave Heart

“Lizzie Velasquez” was once known as the name of the world’s ugliest woman, but now her name has become an inspiration. She made it this way with her own courage….

bizarre boat

The boat that sinks on purpose

One thing you hope never happens to you at sea is that your boat capsizes. But this ship has flipped over hundreds of time and has always survived.   This bizarre boat…

football freestyle

Football Juggling

You won’t believe what this man can do with a football. Amazing football juggling skills performed on a Paris street. This is a whole other level than Messi. Abou Traoure is…

weird brain timor

Twin Found in Woman’s Brain

American surgeons have removed an “ evil twin” from an Indian woman’s brain.   26 year old Indian born Yamini Karanam studying in Indianpolis had been diagnosed with a brain…

lake peignoir

Vortex Lake

Lake Peigneur in Louisiana is the strangest most bizarre lake in the world. Nowadays it looks perfectly ordinary. But just over 30 years ago this lake did the impossible –…