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The woman with no vagina

Sally isn’t like other women. She doesn’t have a vagina. She was born with one but she has since had it removed.



Sally suffers from a digestive disorder known as Crohn’s disease. It can affect any part of the digestive system from the mouth to the anus. Sally first got it when she was 14, in her case it attacked her vagina.

Sally first had a colostomy, then later a full vulvectomy.

She told Vice magazine

You know where your pelvic bone is? Your pubis, my vagina hung down about that far and it was just like a mass of… I don’t even know. It was like elephantitis of the vagina. It was horrible. It turned out it was Crohn’s and chronic inflammation together. I had to have it all removed.

Sally is brutally honest about her condition and admits she didn’t cope with it very well and for a while became a meth and heroin addict.

As if having her vagina removed wasn’t hard enough to cope with she has also had both of her breats removed in a double masectomy.

“In February of 2011, I got my nipples pierced. I just thought they would look cute. I was also on heroin at the time and so, needless to say, I wasn’t really taking care of my body. I was trying. I was clean and I showered regularly, but I was still on heroin so it didn’t really matter. By June of that year, they were so swollen my doctors thought I’d had breast implants. And so I had surgery, but the surgical wounds never healed and I was in a lot of pain, so by May, I spoke to my doctor and said, “Please just remove them, I don’t want to feel like this any more.”

But Sally doesn’t hide her body away she is proud of it and now works as a cam-girl, internet stripping under the name “DamageDolly”.

bizarre medical

She says at first she’d only show her top half but when a regular persuaded he to get fully nude she says it was “the most liberating thing ever.” She says she loves camming “I love to dance and I like the idea of somebody watching me and turning them on.”

She says stripping has saved her life.

“I wouldn’t know that people still think I’m beautiful, to the extent that they’re willing to pay me for it. There are friends I text and talk to just from that industry, I can’t thank them enough. I’ve been so close to killing myself so many times and it just really gave me that solid foundation of help. At times, I just felt like a failing abomination of health and someone trying to be a mum who had no place being one, you know? So, I owe a lot to the perspective I was able to gain from doing what I do. And with regards to porn, I have not had any offers, but I sure hope I get ‘em!”

Although Sally does admit not everyone appreciates the way she looks “I guess the negative reactions I get are, “You are a disgusting freak, get the fuck out of here” she says.

But she is sanguine about these comments “it’s to be expected, right? I’m not normal, people aren’t going to like something that’s not ideal for the adult industry. I’m prepared for it.”

And if you are wondering how she has sex or even if she can have it at all, the answer is she can.

“I still have two holes, it’s just very small. It doesn’t look normal. I still go pee normally, I just go number two through my colostomy. I kind of have sex normally, I can’t do certain positions. I normally need a small penis though, as the hole isn’t very big. It could be bigger, but it varies on what’s going on inside and how it’s behaving at the time and how big around the guy is. There’s a lot of variables. I’ve had sex even with big dicks after I left my baby-daddy, because I was kind of in a manic phase and liked the pain that I went through. Just experiencing sex like a normal chick was pleasurable to me.”



2 Responses “The woman with no vagina”

  1. The poor woman. I pity you.

  2. Jack

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I am glad this poor ladys life is comming together.

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