llandudno goats corona virus

The corona virus now means much of the world is in lockdown. Bad news for humans but good news for wildlife. Across the globe nature is starting to reclaim town and cities. 

In the town of Llandudno in Wales, United Kingdom, goats have come off the hills and occupied the town. 

Local journalist Andrew Stuart has been filming and photographing the goats as they make the town their home. 

All photos by Andrew Stuart

The goats normally live on the Great Orme mountain side outside the town but now that the  whole country is on lockdown the town is empty of humans so they’ve become brave enough to venture into the town. The goats have been seen eating people’s hedges and even grazing in the local church yard. 

“They’re scared of me (a human) in this. They don’t like people,” says resident Andre Stuart. “They usually only come down from the Great Orme when it’s windy, and only the back streets at the top of Mostyn Street. Now lockdown means it’s empty, they’re going further than ever.” 

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