Weird Medical

In a bizarre medical event 81 year old Alun Morgan emerged from a coma, brought on by a massive stroke, to discover he could only speak Welsh, even though he had never learnt the language. Mr Morgan says: Having learned I was only speaking in Welsh and not English, I got myself a good Welsh […]

An Iranian man has been diagnosed with an extremely rare and strange medical condition that meant he had hair growing in his eyes. The 19 year old had a cyst on his right eyeball measuring 5mm by 6mm that spoutde hairs. The man said he had been born with the cyst, but it had gradually […]

The living owner of the world’s biggest human penis is American Jonah Falcon. Falcon’s 13-5 inch member has been measured for a TV special, making him one of the few men who can back up his bodily boasts. The average adult penis, according to the Kinsey Institute, measures just under six inches when erect. Most […]

A Chinese man has had a live 20 inch long eel removed from his bottom after a bizarre sex game, according to news reports. The unnamed man Southeastern Gunagdong in China went to his local hospital and admitted to staff that he had inserted an Asian swamp eel up his anus after trying to recreate […]

A vain man sucked in his belly on a plane to impress a woman and almost died. The unnamed middle-aged Chinese businessman, lets call him Mr BIgBelly, was sitting in the window seat on a plane when a beautiful woman sat next to him. Mr BIgBelly was at first thrilled but then, feeling body conscious […]

This man, who was born without a penis, is about to have one made for him out of skin and fat from his arms. British man Andrew Wardle suffers from a condition known as an ectopic bladder, which means his bladder is outside his body. One in 30 million men are believed to be born […]

A Polish man discovered that he had a screwdriver impaled in his head only when he looked in the mirror.   The unnamed 25 year old man, from Bialystok in Poland, was working in his garden when he tripped, fell and lost consciousness. When he woke up he had a pain in his hand but […]

These photos of human unicorns are REAL. It doesn’t happen very often, but people do grow horns. They’re called cutaneous horns and they are the result of a wide range of epidermal lesions. According to the World Journal of Surgical Oncology, cutaneous horns appear in men over 55 and women over 65. Rare as these […]

A drunk woman suffered a bizarre accident when she fell off a hotel bed and impaled herself on an umbrella. Jessica Yates from Solihull, England was in a hotel room in Watford after a boozy girls night out when she fell off the bed onto the umbrella and one of the spokes sliced into her […]

Gretchen Molannen says she had 50 orgasms in a row, non-stop. She says she thought she was going to die. Gretchen suffers from a bizarre and rare condition called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). Dec 2012 Update: It is with great sadness that we report that Gretchen committed suicide at the weekend, no longer able to live […]

Body modification just gets more and more bizarre. Now people in Japan are injecting saline into their foreheads to make them look like bagels! A bagel head artist injects the forehead with approximately 400cc of saline over two hours. This forms a large welt on the head. Then the artist presses their finger into the […]

  This gross hairball weighing almost four pounds was removed from a 19 year old student’s stomach in India. The teenager, from Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh, went to see her doctor complaining of not being able to eat or drink. When they investigated, they found this gross ball of hair stuck between her stomach and small […]

Has this Chinese boy really been born with cats eyes that allow him to see in the dark? A boy has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch black with eyes that glow in the dark. Nong Yousui from Dahua was born with bright blue eyes, which are very rare in a Chinese […]

Pregnant mum discovers a metal pin emerging out of her pregnancy bump. Kelly Donegan, 26, from Milton Keynes in England who is due to give birth in six weeks, had complained to doctors about a pricking sensation on the left side of her stomach but was assured there was nothing to worry about. But one […]

A Chinese football fan has died after going without sleep for 11 nights. 26 year old Jiang Xiaoshan, was watching every match of Euro 2012 but because of time differences he was staying up and viewing them in the middle of the night. He then would got to work. Following the Ireland versus Italy match, […]

Indian doctors found a fish living in a 12 year old boy’s lungs. Dr. Pramod Jhawar, a chest specialist who removed the fish said that it was the first case of its kind he had come across in 20 years – and that the fish put up a great fight. The boy, Abnil Barela went […]

A Colombian boy dubbed “turtle boy” because of a huge mole that was growing on his back, has had the “shell” removed by a British surgeon. Didier’s mother Luz could not raise the money for the operation to remove the mole but British plastic surgeon Neil Bulstrode agreed to operate on Didier for free when […]

A baby has been born in Pakistan with six legs. Now doctors are battling the odds to save the baby boy’s life. The newborn has a rare genetic condition meaning he is one of parasitic twins. His conjoined twin was born prematurely and incompletely developed, which resulted in the second child having the extra legs. […]

A bizarre illness that has affected 18 students at a high school in America is causing confusion among experts.The girls at Le Roy High School are suffering from a bizarre illness that has the girls exhibiting uncontrollable Tourette’s-like, tics, gestures, and seizures.   Experts at first thought the tics were a form of mass hysteria […]

An American man accidentally shot his head with a nail gun, leaving a 9cm-long nail lodged in the centre of his brain but amazingly didn’t got to hospital for almost two days. Because the nail had left only a tiny scratch on his head Dante Autullo from , Illinois, presumed the nail had bouncd off his […]

An Indian man who died in a state-run hospital is alleged to have had his penis chewed off by rats,Asian Age newspaper reports. Arun Sandhukha, 53, had been a pneumonia patient at SSKM Hospital in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) since December 11. According to the newspaper, his family members arrived at the hospital for a visit and […]

A man from China has grown a bizarre horn on his head measuring three inches – and it’s still growing. Huang Yuanfan, 84, said the odd growth started two years ago as a small bump but just grew and grew. Yuanfan from Ziyuan, southern China said: ‘I tried picking at it and even filing it […]

A British man has swapped one his toes for  a thumb after he lost his original in a carpentry accident. James Byrne, 29, had his big toe grafted on to his hand after he severed his left thumb while sawing through a piece of wood last December. Surgeons had first tried to sew his original thumb […]

A LAS Vegas man with a medical condition that has caused his scrotum to swell to more than 45kg is trying to raise $US1 million for surgery to correct it. Wesley Warren Jr, went public about his condition – scrotal elephantiasis – because he is desperate to try and raise the cash for the costly […]

Like any other baby, Stanley sleeps in a crib, wears diapers, and loves nothing better than being comforted by his mother as she bottle feeds him. Except Stanley Thornton built his own crib. “Baby” Stanley is 30-years-old – and his ‘mother’ is really his room-mate. Mr Thornton seeks comfort in being treated like a baby, […]

An eel was found inside a man’s penis after he bathed with live eels during an unorthodox spa treatment in China. Thinking that the eels would make him look ten years younger, Zhang Nan dived into the water and let them feast upon layers of dead skin. But after laying in the spa bath, Nan […]

  This is Stephan Bibrowski  better known as Lionel the Lion-Faced Man. He was a famous sideshow performer who lived from 1891–1932.  His whole body was covered with long hair that gave him the appearance of a lion. Bibrowski was born in Warsaw in Poland with one-inch hair covering his body. His mother blamed the […]

Two workers in a South African morgue received the shock of their lives when a ‘corpse’ woke up and demanded to be let out of ‘the cold place’, South African health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo has revealed. The 50-year-old man woke up in the middle of the mortuary, causing two terrified attendants to flee believing he […]