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Ant Suicide Bombers

The Freaky brings you another strange but true story from the endlessly weird natural world …ant suicide bombers.

Camponotus saundersi specimen

A suicide ant with its ruptured stomach after explosion.

When their colony is under attack the Apicotermitinae species of termites will explode their own stomachs showering their attackers with their excrement, but killing themselves in the process. The hope is that this weird behavior will be for the greater good of the colony and slow down the progress of the invaders.

This bizarre form of suicide goes by the scientific name autothysis and is practiced by a number of different ant and termite groups.

Neocapritermes taracua ants take it one stage further and carry an explosive suicide vest.

The ants have evolved to have a blue spot on their stomach that carries a blue copper containing mixture which when exploded is toxic to their enemies.

Scientists have found no evidence that the ants believe they will be rewarded with access to 70 virgins in termite heaven for their self-sacrifice duties.

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