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Man Has Testicles Stolen in Sauna

A Russian man who met a sexy woman, and took her to a sauna, woke up to discover his testicles had been removed by an organ donor criminal gang.


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Russian actor Dmitry Nikolaev recovering in hospital.

News reports say Dmitry Nikolaev, a Russian soap opera actor, met the mystery woman at a Moscow bar. Afer drinking and kissing she invited him to a sauna. There, according to the police report, they kissed and drank more before Nikolaev passed out.

 “I met a girl at the bar and then we went to the sauna for a taxi. I remember that I had a beer, and do not remember any more,” said Nikolaev.

When Nikolaev woke up the next morning at a bus stop his groin was in agony and his trousers were covered in blood.The 30 year old got himself to a hospital where doctors broke the news that he had been castrated. Doctors said he had been drugged and his testicles removed by an expert. It was a clean cut and the skin had been cauterised and it was a clean cut, suggesting the work of a doctor or even a vet.

Police have not yet been able to locate the woman he met but say that she was probably a member of a gang that sells human organs on the black market.

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