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Man Books Prostitute And Finds It’s His Own Wife

An American man, from Paducah, Kentucky, hired a prostitute only to discover when he hooked up with her that it was his own wife, according to a report in Country Weekly.


The 52 year old man, had for a number of months been meeting prostitutes for sex at local motels.According to a statement he gave to the police, the man had been regularly using a particular website to hire prostitutes, and on this occasion he had seen a profile of “27-year old” woman, he took a fancy to.

Crucially the photo was of her body only, not her head. But he liked what he saw and booked her for a hook up, telling his wife that he would be home late as he was meeting work colleague for a drink.

On arriving at the motel, the man was shocked to discover the “27 year old woman” was in fact his 43-year old wife.  She was equally not pleased to discover that her husband was a user of prostitutes.

Inevitably a fight ensued and police were called by motel neighbors to the property.

The couple are now said to be considering a divorce.

This weird news story has echoes of the Rupert Holmes song Escape (The Pina Colada Song)  where he sings about hooking up with a dream girl only to discover its his own wife.

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