Man with cow manure fetish jailed

A BRITISH man with a fetish for cow manure has been jailed for two-years jail after he was caught sexually pleasuring himself while covered in dung on a farm in southwestern England.

David Truscott, 41, was found naked apart from a single sock by farmer Clive Roth’s 16-year-old son in Frebruary, on Woodbury House Farm in Penzance, local newspaper The Falmouth Packet reported.

When officers arrived, he was covered in a large amount of slurry and mud and was surrounded by tissues.
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It was the third time he was caught in similar circumstances at the same farm. He was previously jailed for offenses linked to his fetish. The judge turned down defense calls for a suspended sentence, saying that Truscott had to be jailed for his “bizarre and perverted activities.”


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