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Taxi Driver Conned by Shop Dummy

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A British taxi driver was tricked into giving a £140 ($200) fare to a mannequin dummy.

The taxi was hailed from Brighton station by three men who asked to be driven to London, 50 miles away.

An 90 minutes later the first man was dropped off, a few miles later the second man git out and gave the driver the address of his friend who was asleep on the back seat. But when he arrived at the address and asked the man for his fare, he discovered the man was in fact a fully clothed shop dummy!

The taxi driver has refused to comment, but his unsympathetic boss Andy Cheesman of City Cabs said:

“He was expecting the last passenger to pay so he lost the lot. It is the finniest thing ever to happen to one of our drivers. You can imagine the stick he got from the other guys.”


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