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weird video

Leech swallows worm

Watch this weird video of a huge leech swallowing a whole worm.     Originally shown on Wonders of the Monsoon, on the BBC.

football freestyle

Football Juggling

You won’t believe what this man can do with a football. Amazing football juggling skills performed on a Paris street. This is a whole other level than Messi. Abou Traoure is a freestyle football street performer, born in Guinea and now living in France.

low flying plane beach

Freaky Plane Beach

This is one of the world’s freakiest beaches. Maho Beach situated in the island of St Maarten looks beautiful with it’s Caribbean sand and sea but what happens above it is very strange. Every few minutes planes as large as 450 ton jumbos land and take off on the runway right beside the beach. With

weird video

Sinkhole swallows couple

Watch as a couple in Seoul, South Korea step off a bus and suddenly disappear down a sinkhole, all captured on Korean CCTV . Thankfully the couple escaped with minor injuries, after being rescued by firefighters. Authorities are investigating the sudden appearance of the danger hole but reports suggest it might have been caused by

Frozen goat video

Let it Goat

A Frozen tribute act with a difference – a goat dressed as Elsa. Let it go-at!  

weird news

Dumb Criminal

Irish man throws brick to smash car window, the brick bounces off the window and knocks him out!     This bizarre hilarious incident was captured on CCTV in Drogheda, Ireland. The wannabe criminal was found lying in a pool of his own blood by the car’s owner and was promptly arrested by the police.  

sara x

Boob Twerking

Be amazed at what this talented woman can do with her breasts.   How does she do it? By flexing her pecs, Sara X, model and boob-twerker extraordinaire, is able to make her breast implants rise and fall with the music. The music by the way is Beethoven’s Für Elise.

WTF video

Alien worm in dead spider (WTF video)

Watch this amazing freaky video of a huge alien worm emerging from a dead spider.     If ever a video deserves the title WTF its this. This freaky animal video was shot in Australia and the worm bursting out of the spider is believed to be a parasitic horsehair worm – one of the

Dancing Shoulders - Cärolein

Dancing Shoulders

We love this cheesy music video that celebrates the subtle art of wiggling your boobs and ass!     “Dancing Shoulders” by Carolein features such lyrical gems as “I shake my ass / My ass has friends on Facebook” and the wonderful fruit tree metaphor to celebrate jiggling boobs “I shake the tree / The

Maggot Ear

Watch this freaky video of a man having hundreds of live maggots removed from his ear.     Indian physician Dr Vikram Yadav, who uploaded the video, says the unnamed young man got the maggot infestation after a housefly layed its eggs in his ear when he was sleeping. The larvae hatched into hundreds of

Stampede of Idiots

We love this weird video of people running into a large spinning piece of metal. It’s mesmerising. The video is created by Special FX artist Dave Fothergill. We don’t know what it symbolises but someone on the internet has suggested it might be a test for crowd dynamics with trauma reactions.

weird strange video

Dancing Frogs Legs

The Freaky love this weird video of detached frogs legs dancing. It’s not a camera trick it’s a quirk of nature – even when a frog’s legs have been dismembered they will twitch when salt is added to them. This is because the legs still contain some living cells and can respond to the sodium

freaky video

Goat Backpack

Ever wanted to see a goat riding a man riding a bike? Well it’s your lucky day because someone has filmed exactly that in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. The bizarre goat pack was captured by a car passenger. It is believed that the man may have been taking the goat to the slaughterhouse,

freaky video

Human Heart Beating

This amazing video is of a human heart beating. This portable perfusion and monitoring system is made by TransMedics® and was designed as an alternative to the cold storage human heart preservation method. Warm, oxygenated, nutrient enriched blood permeates the heart muscle keeping the heart beating while a surgeon prepares for a donor heart transplant operation.

freaky video

Snake Eats a Pitbull

Freaky video of the week: An Anaconda snake is caught and cut open to reveal a pit bull dog inside.

bizarre video

Amazing Balancing Act

The Freaky urge you to watch the first 30 seconds of this incredible video – you will be captivated. It shows performance artist Miyoko Shida demonstrating amazing skills of concentration as she performs a bizarre balancing routine with feathers and what look like bones, but are actually dried palm branches shaved of their fronds.   Miyoko

exploding whale freaky video

Exploding Whale Video

Watch this freaky video of a dead sperm whale exploding when a biologist cuts open its carcass. The 45ft sperm whale had washed up dead on a beach in the Faroe Islands. The whale had been there two days when marine biologist Bjarni Mikkelsen tried to cut it open. But as soon as Mikkelsen began making

optical illusions

Amazing Optical Illusion (Freaky Video)

Check out these amazing animated optical illusions created with paper and without the use of any special effects. Try this at home! Below are links to the images found in this video so you can print them out and try it yourself. You’ll have to print the template onto a transparency. If you have an

girl twists her leg all the way round

Girl twists her leg all the way round

Jen O’Shea has an amazing talent she can rotate her leg through 180 degrees. Jen is able to perform this amazing trick because she contracted cancer and had to have an operation to cure her of cancer whch involved removing her pelvic bone.

bizarre video

Amazing Pole Dance

Pole dancing like you have never seen before!   It’s called Mallakhamb and its a traditional Indian gymnastic sport that puts strippers to shame.

bizarre animal video

Cat slaps crocodile

When a cat came face to face with a crocodile you’d think there would only be one winner but this cat is no ordinary cat. The peeping tomcat wandered into the crocodile enclosure in a zoo in Jaipur, India, and came face to face with a Gharial crocodile. Watching locals were convinced that curiosity would

bizarre photo

Surfing Pig

A piglet in New Zealand is learning to surf. Zorro the pig joins his owner surfer Matthew Bell every morning for a board lesson. ‘He’s up at six in the morning and runs down to the beach to check the surf with me’ says Bell. According to Bell, Zorro, who is a mixture of kunekune

decapitated chicken video

Headless Chicken Video Causes Controversy

A video of a decapitated chicken dancing and flapping its wings round the farmyard while children laugh and giggle is causing quite a  stir on You Tube. People watching the video fall into two opposing camps. For those who voted the video down this a typical comment These people are fucked up for laughing at

Strange way to die

Man dies in freak zorbing accident

A Russian man died in a bizarre accident when a huge inflatable ball he was travelling in fell of the side off a mountain. The freak “zorbing” accident happened at a Russian ski resort. 27 year old Dennis Bukaraov and Vladimir Shcherbov, 33 climbed into the  “zorb’ a huge inflatable plastic ball att the top

The woman who had 50 orgasms and thought she was going to die

Gretchen Molannen says she had 50 orgasms in a row, non-stop. She says she thought she was going to die. Gretchen suffers from a bizarre and rare condition called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). Dec 2012 Update: It is with great sadness that we report that Gretchen committed suicide at the weekend, no longer able to live

Anaconda regurgitates a cow

Watch this amazing bizarre footage of a huge anaconda snake regurgitating a cow that it had eaten earlier. This incredible footage shot in Brazil shows the anaconda, taking less than 2 minutes to bring back up its meal.   Anacondas are the worlds largest aquatic snakes and on average grow to 18 to 20 feet

Hero Dog Rescues Injured Dog on Highway

A dog became a hero in Chile when he was caught on surveillance camera dragging another dog to safety across a busy highway. The apparently homeless dog pulled the body of another, injured dog through busy traffic to the relative safety of a freeway median strip. The injured dog, which had been hit by vehicles,

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