Freaky Videos

A Russian man died in a bizarre accident when a huge inflatable ball he was travelling in fell of the side off a mountain. The freak “zorbing” accident happened at a Russian ski resort. 27 year old Dennis Bukaraov and Vladimir Shcherbov, 33 climbed into the  “zorb’ a huge inflatable plastic ball att the top […]

Gretchen Molannen says she had 50 orgasms in a row, non-stop. She says she thought she was going to die. Gretchen suffers from a bizarre and rare condition called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). Dec 2012 Update: It is with great sadness that we report that Gretchen committed suicide at the weekend, no longer able to live […]

Watch this amazing bizarre footage of a huge anaconda snake regurgitating a cow that it had eaten earlier. This incredible footage shot in Brazil shows the anaconda, taking less than 2 minutes to bring back up its meal.   Anacondas are the worlds largest aquatic snakes and on average grow to 18 to 20 feet […]

A dog became a hero in Chile when he was caught on surveillance camera dragging another dog to safety across a busy highway. The apparently homeless dog pulled the body of another, injured dog through busy traffic to the relative safety of a freeway median strip. The injured dog, which had been hit by vehicles, […]

Has this Chinese boy really been born with cats eyes that allow him to see in the dark? A boy has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch black with eyes that glow in the dark. Nong Yousui from Dahua was born with bright blue eyes, which are very rare in a Chinese […]

Check out this bizarre robot that gyrates like a pole dancer. This bizarre model was made by a security firm and showcased at Ce-BIT, the world’s biggest IT trade fair, in Hanover, Germany. Skip to 33 seconds to watch him/her/it dirty dancing.

A hilarious video of a black bear as it falls out of a tree. The large black bear was tranquillised by wildlife officers after it wandered up a tree at the University of Colorado.     The 200 pound bear had spent almost a day on the university campus before officers decided to sedate him […]

‘If a little person can fight a bull, he can do anything. That’s what we’re trying to prove.’ says Javier Landa, of the Original Bullfighting Dwarfs of Mexico. Javier is one of many dwarf matadors who earns his living fighting bulls in South America. There are a number of dwarf bullfighting troupes that travel the […]

Weird animals. This lamb  in Spain has a leg growing from  its head. Watch the video of this bizarre condition.   This strange  condition is called polymelia. It is a birth defect where an additional limb grows from a random part of the body. Sheep are not the only animals to suffer from polymelia. Ducks, […]