It might look like magic or camera trickery but this really is a picture of a boat floating upside-down on a levitating layer of liquid. This strange new phenomenon has recently been discovered by French scientists working in the strange scientific world of upside down bouyancy where liquids and objects can really defy gravity thanks […]

When a British woman walking her dog found what she thought was a human toe sticking out of a muddy field she immediately called the police. But Katie Wilkinson, 26, was left embarrassed when a major police operation discovered that what she thought was a toe was actually a potato. Or pota-toe! Katie’s bizarre story is […]

Deep below New York’s Grand Central Terminal, is something so important that at one time it was guarded 24 hours a day in case of attack by Nazi agents. Even today its location is Top Secret. The Freaky is given an exclusive tour. Grand Central Terminal is the world’s largest train station. A train load […]

Salvia is a heavy duty recreational drug as two girls found out at Christmas in this shocking video. At one point one of the girls tries to become one with a Christmas tree before diving head first into the tree. You can watch the salvia trips video below. The xmas tree incident occurs at approximately […]

In the mountains of the Indonesia island of Sulawesi lives a tribe who have a totally different approach to death than most people on this planet. In the ritual of Man’ene relatives dig up their dead relatives, clean them, take selfies with them and then return them to their coffins. It is a hot sticky sunny […]

A bald eagle that had tried to attack an octopus was found slowly being strangled by the octopus in remarkable footage captured by fisherman in British Columbia. A fish farm crew found the two creatures locked in a battle to the death in waters off Quatsino, British Columbia. The crews freed the bald eagle from […]

In an unlikely bromance, a retired Brazilian bricklayer and a penguin have become the best of friends.  In 2011 71-year-old  fisherman  Joao Pereira de Souza found a penguin on his local beach, north of Rio de Janeiro,  starving and covered in oil.  Joao took the penguin home. Cleaned his tarred fathers and nursed him back to health by […]

Scientists have come closer to understanding how a tiny beetle can withstand crushing forces of up to 39,000 times its body weight.  The Diabolical Ironclad Beetle  (a name that certainly reflects its skills) lives in parts of the US and Mexico.  The beetle is only around 2cm long but can survive being stepped on by a […]

This remarkable and strange video was posted by a Norwegian scientist. It shows a huge underwater blob that him and his team stumbled upon while diving in waters off the coast of Ørstafjorden, Norway. Ronald Raasch, a diver with the Norwegian research vessel REV Ocean, had been exploring a World War II shipwreck when at a […]

Most of us are suckers for a tropical island. Beautiful white sandy beaches, cocktails, cool sea breeze, sand between your toes.  But get this – all that sand down there..most of it came out of the wrong end of a fish. Yes really.  All that pristine white sand is actually made from the poop of […]

The strange and haunting tale of a rat-eating real-life bogeyman called Catman. In the back alleys of Greenock Scotland, a legendary creature lurks, ready to scare local children, or give you the fright of your life on the way home from a night on the town. Blackened face and glowing eyes, the Catman of Greenock […]

An Irish man,  Shane Gibbons, accused of assaulting his girlfriend has avoided prison because the judge believed his claim that the attacks were carried out by demonic possession.   Shane Gibbons’ ex-girlfriend, who’s identity remains undisclosed, claimed that in August 2019 she had been attacked in the home she shared with Gibbons in Ogonnelloe, Clare County, Republic […]

Wildlife photographers spend hours waiting for that perfect shot but when American amateur photographer Sam Davis took a photo of a heron plucking a snake eel from the water he had no idea how strange the photo would be.  When 59 year old Davis, from Maryland, photographed the heron with the eel he thought perhaps […]

Meet Kaleem an Indian boy who, due to a strange medical condition, has the world’s largest hands. Some people choose to make themselves different through surgery such as the Ukrainian lady with the world’s biggest cheekbones, but Haseem didn’t choose to look like this he was born this way. Even as a baby his hands […]

A Dutch runaway train and its driver were saved from disaster when they were luckily caught by a large whale sculpture. It was just before midnight when the driver of the Metro train in Spijkenisse, near the city of Rotterdam, Holland, lost control of his train 10metere above the ground and crashed through a barrier at […]

Ukrainian model Anastasia Pokreshchuk, was determined to stand out from the crowd, so for the past 4 years she has been injecting her cheeks with cosmetic filler so that now she claims to have the world’s biggest cheeks.  Anastasia says: “You may think that they are too big but I think that they’re a little […]

Watch this stunning video of a boy’s transformation to man over 12 years made for selfies he took every day. Hugh Cornelier took a photo every day from age 12 until he got married. Hugh, who was born in London but has spent most of his life living in Canada, started taking daily selfies in […]

It was Easter 1991 when Preacher Daniel’ Abodunrin’s visited the Zoological Gardens at the University of Ibadan. One of the largest zoos in Nigeria. Preacher Abodunrin dressed in flowing red robes and clutching a Holy Bible made his way to the lion’s enclosure.  In Chapter 6 of the Bible there is a story of a Jewish man in Jerusalem […]

Bees make honey from nectar right? Well not all bees. There is one type of bee – the Vulture bee – that makes its honey from rotting flesh. The Freaky has always considered the real world as strange and freaky as any sci-fi world and vulture bees are further proof of this.   Vulture bees (or Trigona […]

Most people use a pressure washer to just clean dirt away but an American man uses it to create art.  Ron Burkett, from Alabama used his pressure washer to create a beautiful landscape mural on his driveway featuring wolves, a moose and an owl.  Ron hit upon the idea during the coronavirus lockdown when he […]

If you fish in Australian waters you will be well aware of the dangers of killer sharks but you probably wouldn’t expect to be killed by a mackerel. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened to one fisherman.  The unnamed 56 year old man was fishing off the Northern Territory of Australia in Cullen Bay in […]

If you’ve ever been caught in a dust storm you’ll know how scary it can be and how it can feel like you are going to choke to death. So you might be surprised to learn that we wouldn’t have enough oxygen on the planet to breathe if it wasn’t for Saharan dust storms. Every […]

Watch shocking footage of a live, wriggling, 15cm worm being removed by surgeons from a woman’s brain.  The freaky video was recorded by surgeons at Gulou Hospital of Nanjing University, China.  The woman, Xia YI was admitted to the hospital after complaining of severe headaches. When a test for parasitic worms proved positive doctors decided to […]

Shocking video from a kite festival in Taiwan shows a three-year old girl getting tangled in a kite and lifted high above the ground.  The video shot last Sunday (August 30th 2020) shows kite enthusiasts struggling to get a large orange kite airborne. They cheer when it takes off but their cheers soon turn to horror […]

A hungry seagull has been filmed eating a rat whole in Rome. The bird swallows the rodent whole in a matter of seconds. Watch the freaky video below. Most people think seagulls exist be eating fish. But they have colonised many cities where they exist by ripping open discared rubbish bags to eat food discarded […]

Yes you read that headline right – there are some fish that have evolved to eat birds! If you don’t believe us watch the video below. In the town of Albi in the south west region of France, catfish have taught themselves to catch pigeons that come down to the River Tarn to drink and […]

This stunning video of a bird of prey carrying a baby shark is one of the strangest videos we have ever seen here at The Freaky. We had no idea a bird could do this, would even considering doing this, let alone have the balls to do it. The video was shot at Myrtle Beach, […]

Insects are some of the strangest animals that exist on our planet and this caterpillar has a particularly odd way of scaring off other animals that might want to eat it – it wears a hat made off its old moulted heads.  The caterpillar of the moth Uraba lugens, which is found in Australia and New […]

Many musicians cover another artist’s song, but not many, if any, have reinterpreted a song using calculators. The Freaky are in awe of this version of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” created purely using mathematics machines. This stunning cover version known as “Shape of You (Calculator Cover) has been made by the artist known as […]

There are many paths that lead to spiritual enlightenment but the Aghori sect travel one of the strangest… The Aghoris are a secretive Indian religious group that live near or in cemeteries, embrace nudity, routinely use human skulls and bones in their worship, and eat human flesh and human faeces. A religious off shoot of […]