232 Teeth Removed From Boy

A boy has a had an incredible 232 teeth removed from his mouth by doctors.

17 year old Indian Ashik Gavai first noticed a growth in his mouth 18 months ago, but when the pain turned severe doctors in Mumbai, India decided to operate. When they began the operation they had no idea how strange it would turn out.

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The, doctors had diagnosed Gavai with a benign dental tumor (complex composite odontoma). Although it is not life threatening they decided to remove it because of the discomfort it can cause. But as Dr Sunanda Dhivare-Palwankar, the head of the dental department at JJ Hospital, where Gavai was treated, explains as they proceeded they discovered something very weird – his mouth was full of hundreds of extra teeth.

“[The teeth] were of varying sizes, some as tiny as a grain of mustard and some almost the size of a marble The fact that it was coming from a single molar was very unique,” says Dr Sunanda Dhivare-Palwankar.


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Gavai is expected to make a full recovery. “Now, his face has changed and he will lead an absolutely normal healthy life,” says the doctor.

The operation in Mumbaii, India took place on  22nd July 2014.


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