5 Freaky Accidental Optical Illusion Photos

The Freaky lists its five favourite photos that make you look twice.

5. The lady with no legs

accidental optical illusion

The lady must be sitting on the wall with her legs in front and her long black jumper hiding her butt.

4.  The man mooning his baby 

freaky photo
It might look like a naked hairy bottom mooning a baby. But look again – it’s actually a bald man leaning over to kiss his child.

3.  Naked shopper

naked shopping bag
It’s a shopping bag!

2. Boy riding horse with a light sabre 

freaky illusion photo

Sometimes the camera is in just the right place to capture a freaky illusion. The kid;s expression adds to the confusion. he genuinely look sleek he could be holding a light sabre.
Photo courtesy of Mighty Optical Illusion.

  1. What is that in her glass?freaky illusion photoThe Freaky’s favourite. This picture is a not as rude as it seems. Read more about the penis optical illusion photo.

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