Five humans that want to be animals

Some people aren’t happy with being human they want to be animals. Trans-speciesism is the feeling that you are an animal trapped in human body.


1. Cat Girl

weird human animal

Nano from Norway, thinks her inner animal is a cat. The 20-year-old likes to crawl on all fours. She meows and she purrs.

“Sometimes I hiss when meeting dogs on the street,” she says. She hates water and she wears ears, whiskers and a tail, full time. “I have been a cat all my life”, she says. “I realised I was a cat when I was 16 when doctors and psychologists found out what was the ‘thing’ with me. Under my birth was a genetic defect.”


2. Goat Man


Thomas Thwaites, has spent time swapping being human for being a goat.

He says: “Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the constraints and expectations of not just your society, your culture, your personal history, but your very biology? To escape the inevitable worries of personhood?… Wouldn’t it be nice to be an animal just for a bit?”

Thwaites has documented his journey in a book GoatMan: How I Took a Holiday from Being Human.

In one chapter in his book Thwaites visits an Alpine goat farm in the Swiss mountains.

“I very much hope that spending time with the Alpine goats, going where they go, eating what they eat, and so on will effect an internal as well as an external change in my nature.”
“Ahhhh, the goat life,” he says later. “This consists of walking to a patch of grass and eating it for five minutes or so. Walking to another patch of grass, eating that.”
But do the other goats believe in him? He has a worrying moment. “I happen to look up from grazing, and I realise that he entire herd is looking at me. It’s suddenly gotten very quiet. Everyone’s stopped chewing.”

Apparently he had broken the goat ruels of the mountains and was grazing higher up the mountain than the goat leader of the herd.

3. Dragon Lady

trans speciesism weird

Some people even believe they have a fictitious animal living within them.

55-year-old  Eva Tiamat Medusa is in the process of transforming herself into a dragon. The former banker has spent thousands of dollars on a forked tongue, a full-face tattoo and a as tooth extractions and ear removal.

She says “I am in the process of morphing into a human dragon, becoming a reptoid as I shed my human skin and my physical appearance and my life as a whole leaving my humanness behind.”

Before and after her ear removal.
Before and after her ear removal.


4. Dog Girl

Sarah Rodriguez, a.k.a. Wolfie Blackheart,

Sarah Rodriguez, a.k.a. Wolfie Blackheart, claims she’s a wolf. Or more specifically a werewolf.

The 23 year old Texan came to prominence after boiling the head of a dog and posting the pictures on the internet. She claims the dog was already dead.

“I would never kill a canine,” she said. “I am a canine.”


5. Penguin Boy

There’s a student in Georgia who identifies himself as a penguin, not a human. He regularly attends school in a penguin costume and his friends swear he is being serious.

“You can’t discriminate against someone by who they are,” he insists to the college authorities, comparing it to discrimination against Muslims. “This is me as a penguin, this isn’t a hood, this is my penguin head,” he says. “I’m a penguin trapped inside a human’s body, I just wanna be free with the penguins, I wish I could just march with them.”

All the above have deliberately transformed themselves but there are some people who resemble animals due to strange medical conditions, such as the unicorn woman who has a naturally growing horn on her head.

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