96 year old prostitute

96 year old prostituteMilly Cooper, a woman who first worked as a prostitute after World War II ended, still rakes in $75,000 a year from her sex services – aged 96. She is now quite possibly the world’s oldest prostitute.

Cooper claims she has slept with 3,500 men and has regular clients aged between 29 and 92, who pay up to $1000 a time to be with her.

Briton Ms Cooper started work as an escort in the US after her husband died during the war in 1945.
She had moved to Las Vegas from her home in east London to be with the wealthy American but was left with a baby daughter and no regular means of income.
After working as an escort, she became a madam, handling bookings for ten girls, and continued in this line of work when she married her second husband.
But after a 25-year break from providing personal sex services, she got back in the saddle and has never looked back.
‘Nowadays, the girls have vast boobs and skinny bodies and parade around half-naked,’ said Ms Cooper to a British newspaper. ‘In my day, we would call those girls trollops. The industry’s become mucky. At least I am maintaining standards. I always dress elegantly and my clients are gentlemen.’

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