Man Gardening Smokes Salvia and Trips Out

A shocking video circulating the internet shows the dangers of smoking Salvia.  The video shows a man preparing to plant the ornamental herb in his garden, before smoking some in a bong and then …..well we will let you watch the video to find out what happens next. 

A man gardening on Salvia

Salvia (scientific name: salvia divinorum) is a herbal plant from Mexico and a member of the sage family, also known as Ornamental Sage.

For hundreds of years Salvia has been used by Mexican Indians in ancient rituals due to its psychedelic effects when smoked or chewed. It is now popular among people across the world who enjoy getting high, where it also goes by the name “Mexican tripping weed”. 

Man Gardening Smokes Salvia and Trips Out
Ornamental sage (Salvia Divinorum)

Effects can come on almost immediately and, depending on the dosage, can cause mild to severe hallucinations.
Some users report an enjoyable experience whilst others report terrifying vivid imagery and extreme time distortions.  

For many years Salvia was sold as a “legal high’ but now countries like the UK and New Zealand, concerned by its dangers, have banned its sale. 

When you watch salvia trips videos you can see why:

Girls smoking salvia.
Man smoking salvia and attempting to drive.

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