Big cat DNA probably of a leopard is discovered in Lake District, England

A Wild Leopard is Roaming the English countryside says DNA 

A DNA swab taken from a dead sheep carcass in the Lake District, England has confirmed the presence of wild big cat, most possibly a leopard , living in the area. 

For many years there have been rumours and reported sightings of the presence of wild big cats in the UK, but this is the first time DNA proof has been found. 

The carcass was found in a remote area of the Lake District by a local resident Sharon Larkin-Snowden. 

A Wild Leopard is Roaming the English countryside says DNA 
The Lake District, England, where the “big cat” DNA was discovered.

Prof Robin Allaby, from the University of Warwick, analysed the sample and identified it as belonging to a big cat from the Panthera genus family. 

The family consist of five big cats – lion, leopard, tigerjaguar and snow leopard. The professor thinks its most likely that it is a wild leopard that ate the sheep.

There are no big cats native to the UK, the only cats seen are domestic cats so this is a startling discovery. The professor’s findings have changed his mind on the existence of such cats roaming the English countryside. 

“It makes me a convert [to the existence of non-native big cats in the UK]. Until now, I have remained open-minded, I think that’s my job as a scientist.” 
Prof Robin Allaby, University of Warwick

Source: Discover Wildlife



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