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The Freaky celebrates the odd, the weird and the different.

The Freaky is a website dedicated to the bizarre, the odd, and the strange. It is committed to publishing the strangest most bizarre and freaky news stories and photos our wonderful weird world can throw up.

The Freaky features bizarre medical stories such as the woman who grows nails instead of hair or the  boy with a fish found living in his lung. It has freaky stories about weird buildings and amazing and weird scientific achievements.  It features stranger than fiction tales of freaky real life incidents and and tries to answer strange questions like Can You Transplant a Soul?

The Freaky loves weird odd and strange real life stories. We believe that the world is richer because of them. We love bizarre freaky animals such as purple crabs. And we love weird and strange places and architecture such as the Ohio Basket Building.

However strange the stories are we strive to check their factual accuracy. We are not in the business of promoting fake stories, so please contact us if you have reason to doubt any of our stories.

Please enjoy the world of the freaky.

Glenn Strange – Editor in Chief
(editor-at-thefreaky-dot-net )

Twitter: @TheFreakynews
Google +: The Freaky

Contributors:  We are always looking for contributors. So if you think you have a strange but true story, feel free to contact the editor (e mail address above).



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