A British magician impaled his hand on a six inch nail in a magic trick that went wrong and then posed for photos before rushing to hospital.

magic gone wrong
Magician Kyle Wallace was performing a Russian Roulette style trick with three bags containing different objects when he slammed his hand down on the wrong bag and the nail embedded itself in his right palm.

“There was no drop of blood at all because the nail had sealed the wound….I wanted to take away as much negative experience as I could from the audience so i told them that it had gone wrong…” said Wallace.

One man burst into tears on realised the trick had gone wrong but Wallace then invited the audience to take photos of his hand.

Eventually after 30 hours the nail was removed by surgeons at Newham Hospital, London.

“I’ve done the trick hundreds of time before , it was just the new method I was using to up the comedy value” says the magician.

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