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Alien worm in dead spider (WTF video)

Watch this amazing freaky video of a huge alien worm emerging from a dead spider.


If ever a video deserves the title WTF its this.

This freaky animal video was shot in Australia and the worm bursting out of the spider is believed to be a parasitic horsehair worm – one of the worlds weirdest insects.

There are 350 or so known species of horsehair worms (sometimes also known as “Gordian worms”), a type of nematode or roundworm.

In general, horsehair worms eggs or larvae are ingested by an insect. Once inside their insect host, the parasitic worm will penetrate through the gut of the insect and get into the body cavity, where it will grow and develop, living off the nutrients of their hosts insect. Being very thin they can grow to over a foot in length.

Eventually they will burst out of the exoskeleton of the insect.






2 responses to “Alien worm in dead spider (WTF video)”

  1. evilsloth4 Avatar

    The details would be interesting to know. It looks like the spider was sprayed with bug killer, forcing the worm out and then, did the spray kill the worm? Poor spider.

  2. FReakBoy Avatar


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