Bizarre Fashion

This glow-in-the-dark wedding dress is made from fluorescent silk, made by genetically modified silkworms. Scientists inserted glow in the dark proteins, from jellyfish and corals, into the silkworm’s genome. Japanese designer Yumi Katsura then took the silk, which glows either green or orange and created this unique wedding dress.

Chinese women have found a bizarre way to prevent unwanted male attention – they wear hairy leg tights! According to ChinaSMACK these full-leg-of-hair tights are perfect for young women going out. And will prevent perverts harassing them. Of course they might also prevent handsome men, or even their current partners, from approaching them.  It is not […]

Is this the worlds weirdest hairstyle? This amazing haircut is called the “ripe tomato” and was designed by Japanese hairstylist Hiro. Hiro, who works at the Trick Salon in Osaka, dyed all the hair red before creating the tomato’s stem by dividing the hair on the crown of the model’s head into six and colouring […]

We all know about the craze for fashion cats and dressed up dogs, but have you ever seen tortoise fashion? Slightly mad Canadian pet-lover Katie Bradley, 36, has knitted these woollen cosies for her fashion conscious pet tortoises. Katie says the colourful costumes are very popular with tortoise owners across the globe and she can […]