Bizarre Food

A 38 year old man who had his leg amputated after an accident cooked the remains of his lost leg and served it to his friends as a Mexican dish. This sounds like a made up story but it appears to be strange but true. The man who prefers to remain anonymous first admitted his […]

This cake is too good to eat or perhaps too scary to eat. The hypereralistic cake of two decapitated human heads is the work of  Natalie Sideserf. Natalie baked this freaky cake for her own wedding. The heads are modelled on herself and her husband. The edible caption reads: “Till death do us part” Natalie […]

May the  force food be with you! These Star Wars replicas are sculpted from vegetables – everything from carrots to sweet potato. The Vegetable Star Wars treats have been created by Japanese sushi chef Okitsugu Kado for diners at his sushi restaurant. Kado spends more than ten hours carving the vegetables before painstakingly piecing them […]

Iceland. A land of the northern lights, snow, ice, glaciers, and bananas. Near the Arctic Circle bananas are being grown by the ton. We all love bananas but in Iceland they are.. bananas about  bananas. Icelanders are some of the world’s top eaters of the fruit – with every one of them munching their way […]

Simon Cowell has a face made from sliced garlic and his hair is made of black olives, according to an artist who has made a pizza portrait of him. The Freaky loves these pizza portraits of celebrities made by English artist Prudence Stait. Working from photos Prudence draws the face by hand on the pizza […]

If you are bored of cooking with the same ingredients why not branch out and start cooking with sperm?!  Spermatozic cuisine anyone? For sale on Amazon is a book that explores the culinary value of sperm. We are not sure whether it is a spoof but Natural Harvest: A collection of semen-based recipes claims that, […]

A British man has grown the world’s longest parsnip measuring an incredible 18.5ft – or 5.607 metres, 36 times the length of a normal parsnip. Amateur gardener Peter Glazebrook’s unveiled his super-sized parsnip at the UK National Giant Vegetables Championships in Somerset England. The super-sized parsnip If cut into normal parsnip length of six inches […]

A Japanese man has managed to eat an amazing 337 chicken wings  in just 30 minutes. Competitive-eating champ Takeru Kobayashi conquered Philadelphia’s annual gustatory gorge-fest in front of a crowd of nearly 20,000 at Wing Bowl XX. The Japanese phenom demolished the record of 255 set last year by Jonathan ‘Super’ Squibb. He also managed to scoff […]