Bizarre Travel

Every year Romanian gypsies dress up in real bear skins and parade through the streets to banish bad and evil spirits. The strange ritual dates back centuries and takes place annually between Christmas and New Years in the Romanian Trotus Valley, 200 miles north of the Romanian capital of Bucharest. The ‘Ursul’ festival,  is a […]

The Freaky visits the Chinese kingdom where only dwarfs live. The Kingdom of the Little People outside Kunming, in China’s Yunnan province, is home to around 100 small people all under 130 cm (4ft 3in) tall, most of whom have the medical condition that causes dwarfism. It is also a theme park where tourists come […]

Water fountains have been a feature of cities for hundreds of years but by combining water with modern technology Japan has taken them to a whole new level with a water feature that acts as a clock, telling the time in water droplets. Be amazed by this incredible water fountain at Osaka Station that seems to […]

In Malaysia every year men and women skewer themselves with sticks, spears and hooks in the name of religion. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the Thaipusam Festival. Penang, Malaysia.  Its 5am, and in a car park down a side street, eight guys in striped polo shirts and t-shirts are banging drums. A […]

This is one of the strangest hotel rooms in the world – an invisible treehouse. Located in a beautiful forest just south of the Arctic Circle this tree hotel is an incredible engineering marvel because to get this weird hotel to float in the forest the engineers had to first get the trees to talk […]

Crude Oil has many uses but not many people would think of it as a spa product. The Freaky visits Azerbaijan where people bathe in dark slimy crude oil for fun. Azerbaijan is country rich in oil, but the crude oil found around Naftalan is too heavy to be usable in industrial applications or to […]

There are many ways us humans honour the dead but perhaps one of the strangest ways is the Taiwanese custom of Funeral Strippers.  Scantily clad young women in high heels provocatively gyrating round poles to blaring music might not be what you expect at a Western funeral but in Taiwan it’s a common sight. One […]

Check out these amazing speed boats designed to look like sharks and killer whales. These custom built boats are the bizarre creations of Rob Innes and Dan Piazza. Known as Seabreachers they are capable of going 2 feet underwater for up to 20 seconds. Made from old fighter jet pilots, they can fly across the water at […]

If you think it’s only humans who need to rest their weary heads when they’re on the road, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Welcome to the Dog Park Inn Bed and Breakfast in Cottonwood Idaho, USA. Built and opened in 2003, Sweet Willy, as the locals call it, is a road stop for […]

La Ferme Aventure, La Chapelle-aux-Bois, Lorraine This farm in the Vosges has a  real Caravelle aeroplane transformed into a “loft”, with a living room and bedrooms set amid a large lawn. Open from 1 April. +33 3 2930 1179,