Bizarre Vehicles

We’d all love to fly like a bird. In Florida there’s machine that will let you. This is the JetLev a crazy water powered jet pack.     Most small boys who watch action movies rarely end up getting to do things the hero does….but just occasionally – one gets lucky. Back in 1965,  Raymond […]

One thing you hope never happens to you at sea is that your boat capsizes. But this ship has flipped over hundreds of time and has always survived.   This bizarre boat is known as a Floating Instrument Platform or FLIP for short. Its a ship that can literally stand on its head.  This is the only ship […]

Vehicles – like people – come in all shapes and sizes. For instance – this beast…..the Peel P50.     Born in a small factory on Britain’s tiny Isle of Man in 1962, this is officially the smallest street legal car in the world at just 54 inches long and 41 inches wide. After a break […]