Bizarre X-Rays

A man got a still vibrating vibrator stuck in his large intestine after a freaky sex game with his wife went wrong.   The man went to his local hospital in California complaining of severe constipation, but the truth was only revealed after an X-ray and the man’s wife spilling the beans, according to nurse […]

This kidney stone was removed from a Hungarian man in june 2009. It weighed a staggering 2.5lbs. Kidney stones vary in size. They can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball, which makes Mr Sarkadi’s stone all the more remarkable.

A Polish man discovered that he had a screwdriver impaled in his head only when he looked in the mirror.   The unnamed 25 year old man, from Bialystok in Poland, was working in his garden when he tripped, fell and lost consciousness. When he woke up he had a pain in his hand but […]

This incredible X-ray of a bullet lodged between the bones of the big and second toes dates back to the Boer War (1899-1902). The Mauser bullet managed to become lodged in this soldiers foot without hitting any of his bones. It is not known if the bullet was succesfully removed. This bizarre X ray was […]

An American man accidentally shot his head with a nail gun, leaving a 9cm-long nail lodged in the centre of his brain but amazingly didn’t got to hospital for almost two days. Because the nail had left only a tiny scratch on his head Dante Autullo from , Illinois, presumed the nail had bouncd off his […]