Blind Date Disaster

Imagine going on a blind date and meeting your own daughter-in-law! That’s what happened in China when a man started chatting to women online using a fake name and profile.

strange but true
Wang Pai, 57, was unhappy at home and was looking for some extra-marital action. So he began to develop a friendship with a woman online, who was also using a fake name and profile. But when he arranged to meet met her in the flesh he learnt her true identity – she was his daughter-in-law and the mother of his grandchild.

To make matters worse his son, then found out.

The man’s son, Wang Jai, 31, suspecting his wife of infidelity, followed her to hotel where he discovered her with his father.

He didn’t take it calmly, attacking both of them plus hotel staff. The attack left his dad hospitalized with a head injury and his wife missing two teeth.

His wife Lili, 28, had posed as lonely woman called Ming Chen claiming her husband was in prison.

Wang PI said of the encounter:

“We eventually agreed to meet for a romantic liaison, but when I opened the door I don’t know if she was more surprised or me. She turned round and ran off down the hallway straight into her husband, my son, who had been following her. He started shouting and then he attacked her, and then he attacked me.”

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