Body Art with a Difference

These are great black and white landscapes. But look again because on closer inspection all is not what it seems. The backdrops are nude bodies, the figures are small-scale models.

Body Art with a Difference

These amazing perception distorting photos have been taken by artist Allan Teger.
Artist Teger has spent more than 35 years developing his ‘bodyscapes’ with a brief that more than one reality can exist at the same time.Body Art with a Difference

‘It was my intention to design images that would be seen as landscape, and only after a second look would they be seen as bodies,’ says the 68-year-old American.

Body Art with a Difference

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  1. My gawd! At first glance, this one had me fooled! After I realized it was a form of body art, it was even more cool because I could toggle between the multiple realities. Interesting stuff… I really liked the image of the guy golfing from the bushy pubic hair region; ha-ha!

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