The cakes too horrific to eat

This cake is too good to eat or perhaps too scary to eat.

The hypereralistic cake of two decapitated human heads is the work of  Natalie Sideserf.

Natalie baked this freaky cake for her own wedding. The heads are modelled on herself and her husband. The edible caption reads: “Till death do us part”

Natalie Sideserf first came into prominence in 2013 when she entered a lifelike cake model of Willie Nelson’s head in a baking competition in Texas. Like Hardy, Sideserf’s background is in fine art.

horror cakeThis Leatherface horror cake was also baked by Natalie Sideserf

Natalie isn’t the only one making gruesome cakes…

weird cake

By day, cake artist Natasha Collins bakes traditional wedding cakes but at night her dark side comes out – she made this cigarette butt studded cake for a party held by the heavy metal rock magazine Kerrang! and she says when they were “handed out to hardened rockers, no one would touch them”.  Not surprisingly she doesn’t post pictures of her stranger creations on her website – just in case it puts the brides off.

And it’s not just cakes…

The cakes too horrific to eat

This hyper-realistic is a actually made from chocolate. It is the work of food artist Sarah Hardy.

Sarah Hardy’s background isn’t cooking or baking. She studied art in England and before going on to make realistic human wax models at the world famous Madame Tussauds.

Hardy says: “There’s a tension there when you create something that’s very realistic. People don’t want to ruin it, they don’t want to cut it … You have to really enjoy and celebrate that brief time that [the art] is there for. With the gory stuff, people tell you they couldn’t eat it. But once they are in the room, they are compelled to try. It gives that extra element of looking disgusting and tasting amazing.”

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