Can Stevie Wonder Really See?

One of the most prevalent music rumours is that blind Stevie Wonder can actually see. 

Some rumors say Stevie Wonder was never blind, others claim he was blind but had an operation that cured his sight many years ago. Although his vision is still burry so he is “legally blind”.

There is some compelling evidence to suggest the rumours might be true…

In June 2019 singer Chaka Khan, was appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Bravo’s late-night, interactive talk show, when she was asked by a fan what industry secrets she’d like to spill. Chaka’s answer shocked the audience.
Chaka Khan’s answer?  “Stevie Wonder can see”.

Another piece of evidence that Stevie Wonder is not blind comes from UK gossip site popbitch

In May 2020 they wrote the following:

Like Paul McCartney dying in 1966, or Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh’s secret lesbian life together, one of the music industry’s most enduring conspiracy theories is that Stevie Wonder isn’t actually blind.

The most compelling evidence we ever heard? One London club owner tells a story about a time he was at a house party after hours with Stevie when someone brought out a stash of coke. The guy chopped out five lines – one for everybody in the room. Stevie’s manager-assistant dutifully walked him across the room to the table and handed him a rolled-up note. 

After hoovering up his own portion, Stevie proceeded to make his way across the table, devouring everybody else’s line as well.

The club owner maintains to this day that the neatness and precision with which Stevie hoovered up those lines could only have been achieved if he could have seen each and every one of them.

And there’s more…

The man himself seems to have confirmed it. 

In a TMZ interview conducted at Los Angeles airport Steve Wonder claimed he’d actually landed a plane himself. 

The reporter obviously shocked  questioned how the star could do this if he was blind. And the star cryptically replied:  “In this year, I would reveal the truth.”

Watch the 2017 TMZ interview with Stevie Wonder here. 

And there’s even more….

One often most compelling pieces of evidence is footage of Stevie Wonder catching a mic stand on a 2010 Paul McCartney TV special.

Watch it below and make up your own mind.

Why would Stevie Wonder pretend to be blind? Well some have suggested it was a very useful gimmick when he was setting out on his career. The trademark dark glasses, the nodding swaying head, made him stand out. It’s possible he thinks if he came clean now it would ruin his image.

One day, possibly when he has passed away, we will learn the truth.

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