Cannabis Lube

freaky sex

The latest freaky sex aid is Foria, a cannabis oil infused lube. 

Foria, according to their website, is a mixture of coconut oi and purified medical-grade cannabis oil  designed for female pleasure. The manufacturers say it should be applied directly to the clitoris, labia or inside the vagina 30 minutes before arousal. They say that the oil enhances sensuality and sexual feelings and that most women do not report feeling “high”. 

A small bottle costs approximately $88.

The manufacturers claim that one of the main effects of the lube will be a de-stressing feeling and an intensification of orgasms although they do say how individuals respond to the oil will be influenced by how they normally respond to marijuana.

The site reports:

“The product works specifically for women because of the very sensitive and absorbent membrane of the vagina and entire vulva — inner and outer labia and clitoris included.”

They do not however say whether users experience attacks of the “munchies” and a sudden craving to eat junk food.

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