Chicken lives for 10 days without a head

A chicken in Thailand lived for over 10 days after its head was chopped off. And in the process became an unlikely celebrity.

The headless chicken was found in the Ratchaburi Province in central Thailand by Supakadee Arun Thong, a local vet. She had no idea how it had lost its head although she suspected it had bene attacked by some animal.

The vet gave it antibiotics to prevent its wound getting infected and fed it by dropping food down its exposed neck.

Word of the freaky animal spread and he soon ended up on Thai television. 

Despite being decapitated the bird was able to survive due to the fact that a chicken brain is at an angle meaning that if their head is chopped off high on their neck the rear part of their brain can survive. It is this part of a chicken’s brain that controls breathing. 

“The animal has its life. If it wants to live, we feed it,” Supakadee Arun Thong, told reporters. “I have to admit that this chicken is a true warrior with a very tough heart.”

This isn’t the first time a chicken has been recorded living without a head. Mike the Chicken survived for over 18 months without its head.

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