Body Painting

Kay Pike takes body painting to a whole new level with her stunning work where she transforms herself into fantastically detailed comic book superheroes.

weird strange body painting

body painting superhero


she hulk

Kay Pike from Calgary Canada takes up to 15 hours sat time to transform herself into superhero figures such as Spiderman, Robin, the Japanese Manga skinless Colossal Titan character from the series Attack On Titan, She- Hulk a female version of The Hulk, and Two-Face.

kay body painter

Kay has only been doing these crazy body paintings since December 2015 but not surpisingly has already built up quite a following.

 ‘I have always loved dress up. I found cosplay was a great way to interact and enjoy socialising at conventions. I started painting myself in early December 2015 with my Attack On Titan face paint (the character with a skinless body). It went viral and I got invited to stream painting live online. I have been doing a paint twice a week ever since. My inspiration mostly comes from seeing something beautiful. It can be a great costume design, it can be a trailer for an upcoming movie with a new take on a character, it can be a great fan-art someone has done with amazing lighting. I love when people suggest characters to me that they think look great too.’

Watch a video of Kay’s amazing freaky work.

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