crocodile zebra attack Kenya Mara river

Nature is not cute animals and flowers, it’s brutal, as this incredible series of photos shows. The photos capture the moment a zebra is caught and ripped apart by a crocodile while trying to cross the Mara river in Kenya.

The photos were taken by Nimit Virdi, from Wellington, India, while on a game drive in in the Masai Mara National Park, Kenya. 

Nimit says they watched as a herd of about a thousand zebras gathered by the water’s edge, trying to pluck up the courage to cross the river. 

Eventually one brave zebra plunged into the wtare but was almost immediately attacked by waiting crocodiles. 

‘The crocodiles ripped the zebra apart instantly, “ said Nimit “We were stood on the opposite bank only a short distance away…The encounter was really exhilarating to watch… Expect the unexpected in the wilderness – you never know what might unfold. It just takes a second for everything to change.”

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