Cucumber Masturbator

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A serial cucumber masturbator has finally been caught and sentenced in Canada.

Fredrick Tennyson Davis, 49, has a bizarre sexual fetish – he likes to masturbate in public while holding a cucumber.

For months Davis and been terrorising members of the public with his sexual salad activities until he was caught in Agincourt Library in Toronto, Canada, on May 31st.

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Constable David Hopkinson of the Toronto Police Service described the man’s strange sexual habit to the Sun News Network.

‘On April 7, he sits down and a 26-year-old woman sits next to him and he opens up his laptop The man then started masturbating with one hand while clutching a cucumber with the other.’

When pressed as to whether Mr Davis had posed a threat to library staff, Constable Hopkinson remarked:

‘I don’t think he had any free hands to make a threat.’

Mr Davis was charged with an indecent act and two counts of failure to comply with probation. The judge handed down a suspended sentence and 12 months probation to the man. Mr Davis was charged with a similar act back in June 2012 at a different library.

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