Divers Discover Strange Underwater Sphere

This remarkable and strange video was posted by a Norwegian scientist. It shows a huge underwater blob that him and his team stumbled upon while diving in waters off the coast of Ørstafjorden, Norway.

Ronald Raasch, a diver with the Norwegian research vessel REV Ocean, had been exploring a World War II shipwreck when at a depth of about 50 feet they passed a huge gelatinous blob,

At the time Raasch had no idea what the strange sphere was but he has since learnt that it is a “blekksprutgeleball” – Norwegian for  “squid gel ball”. The underwater blob is a squid’s egg sac containing hundreds of thousands of baby squid eggs. 

The eggs belong to the southern shortfin squid (Illex coindetii),

“The dark mass is probably ink from the female squid, who injected it while making the sphere….At the very end of the video, it is possible to see the actual squid eggs. They are very small, round and transparent.”

Ronald Rassch, the Norwegian scientist who discovered the sac.

This strange natural phenomenon is rarely seen as the squid sacs are normally deep underwater and last for only a few days before the squid babies hatch from the eggs and the large blob disintegrates. Like much that happens in our oceans, scientists still don’t know how the sacs get so big, but they think their huge size allows the eggs to spread out and receive oxygen, while at the same time the jellylike gelatinous substance protects the eggs from infection and predators.

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