DIY Penile Implants

Australian prisoners are performing DIY improvements on their penises using razors, buttons, toothpaste caps and sellotape according to a scientific study.


penile implant
Old razor blades are used to slice the penis open before inserting the object.

This weird practice was discovered by researchers from the University of New South Wales while conducting a survey with prisoners about their sexual behaviour.

Prisoners are cutting open their penis’s with razors and inserting objects into them to increase their size and shape, before sealing themselves back up with sticky tape.

All kinds of objects are implanted into the penis – dominos, dice, buttons, caps from tubes of toothpaste, broken glass that is polished into different shapes.

 “They put objects that are available to them in prison, so it could be dice that they’ve peeled down with files or whatever, sometimes they use ball bearings as well… it could be any object that’s available to them at that point in time,” says Lorraine Yap, one of the researchers

Yap says the prisoners are giving themselves DIY penile implants because they’ve been told by other inmates that it would make their wives or girlfriends happy.

It’s a dangerous practice and the prison nurses reports having seen many infected penises. If left untreated they could get gangrene.

Yap believes the practice has been going for at least ten years. She’s says the prisoners involved are normally of Asian heritage.

Many Asian cultures such as those in Papua New Guinea have a tradition of cutting open their penises and putting objects inside them.

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