Dwarf Bullfighting

dwarf bullfighting video

‘If a little person can fight a bull, he can do anything. That’s what we’re trying to prove.’ says Javier Landa, of the Original Bullfighting Dwarfs of Mexico.

Javier is one of many dwarf matadors who earns his living fighting bulls in South America. There are a number of dwarf bullfighting troupes that travel the continent entertaining crowds and also challenging people’s perceptions of short people.

These bullfighting matador travelling troupes are a big hit across South America and have consistently drawn huge crowds for over 30 years. They are particularly popular in Mexico and Colombia.

Unlike traditional bullfights, calves are used instead of full-size bulls and the animals are unharmed throughout the performance.

Watch some bullfighting Mexican dwarves below.

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  1. I was sat thinking ‘How on earth is a dwarf gonna handle a bull??’ then read on to discover it’s calves that they fight…

    Love it. Great to see people overcoming adversity!

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