eel in neck of bird

Wildlife photographers spend hours waiting for that perfect shot but when American amateur photographer Sam Davis took a photo of a heron plucking a snake eel from the water he had no idea how strange the photo would be. 

Eel Escapes from Heron by Burrowing Through Bird’s Neck

When 59 year old Davis, from Maryland, photographed the heron with the eel he thought perhaps the eel was fighting back and biting the bird as it tried to escape. But when he got home and looked more closely at the extraordinary photos he realised that the eel had been swallowed by the eel and was eating its way out of the heron through the bird’s neck. 

“When I got home and edited the photos, I could see it was an eel that was coming through his neck. I could see his eyes, and he was still alive…The wildlife refuge said they have never seen anything like that before. It is kind of a morbid photo.”

Sam Davis, amateur wildlife photographer
Eel Escapes from Heron by Burrowing Through Bird’s Neck

Snake Eels have sharp teeth and are great underwater burrowers making their home by digging in to the sand. but this is a whole different level of burrowing. 

It is not known what happened to the eel or the heron but Davis did say he witnessed two eagles and a fox carefully monitoring the situation. 

Source: Yahoo

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