Fish found living in boy’s lung

Indian doctors found a fish living in a 12 year old boy’s lungs.
Dr. Pramod Jhawar, a chest specialist who removed the fish said that it was the first case of its kind he had come across in 20 years – and that the fish put up a great fight.

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The boy, Abnil Barela went to hospital when he had trouble breathing. It was then discovered that a fish approximately 3.5 inches long was living in his lung and consuming the boy’s oxygen supply.
The fish enede dup there beacsue of a youthful prank with his mates of swallowing live fish near a river in his home state of Madya Pradesh, India. However, instead of slipping into his stomach, the fish got caught in his lung.
Anil Barela probably won’t be craving seafood anytime soon. That’s what happens from swallowing a live fish and getting it caught in your lung.
Doctors performed a 45-minute surgery to allow Barela to breathe easily again.
“The fish was live and taking its last breath when the bronchoscopy was done, restricting the functioning of both the lungs resulting in low intake of oxygen,” said the doctor.

Watch the video of the fish being removed.

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